Tuesday, October 7, 2014

San Francisco PG & E Truck Collides with Car on 16th Street-Mission District. No Injuries. Cell Phone Driving?

Tuesday Oct 7, 2014 - 11AM PST - Mission District - San Francisco, CA
About an hour ago, (10am this beautiful Tuesday morning) we were standing out front of El Cafetazo having a smoke.  

We noticed a white Pacific Gas & Electric Van parked in the No Parking-Construction space at corner of 16th Street & Rondel Place (between Valenica & Mission, directly across from Mission Bank).     

Not sure if he was working or picking up a burrito at Pancho Villas (many city workers park in the Red Fire Zone and block the alley to 'run in' and pick up food at Pancho Villas because there is NO parking often due to Valet Parkers for upscale restaurants who STEAL MANY SPACES for hours at a time, rotating client vehicles which means no locals can park near local mom & pop's -safely- to pick up food - as we all could a couple years ago, before this community destroying gentrification scheme went into effect) or not, but he was parked in a space marked No Parking for Construction Zone, in the first place.

This PG&E Van started to pull out, a bit sharp & fast, of where it was parked. 

We could not see if he was on his cell phone or not.   The Security Officer at the Mission Bank across the street may have seen as he is on the look out for unsafe drivers in this zone, as we are.

At that moment, we saw a small red car coming down 16th in the same direction, travelling at a normal rate of speed.  

Then we heard the crash and crunch, as the van tried to move out into the lane, as the other car was already in motion, approaching.   

We hate that area because there are tons of close calls every day, as uber, lyft, big fast trucks from dolores park construction crews (driving too fast, chatting on cell phones) converging fast. 

All driving bad, blocking traffic and it outrages drivers that causes them to break more laws & take more chances out of frustration.  

This is what unplanned, short sided gentrification and density increases gives your community. Chaos.

So, we went over and took pictures. 

 The P G & E Driver was stressed, trying to get others to agree with him that he had 'the right of way'... 

Which he may or may not have, but the way we saw it... 

Unless he was able to see the other car at a dead stop,  he should never have tried to 'beat the car out' if he even saw it at all.  

Since he said he 'had the right of way' it looks like he saw the car, moving down the streets and 'took' his right of way, by gunning up the engines and tried to cut off the approaching car.

The woman's car, the red one, was in a perfectly straight line, on the proper side of the double yellow, yet his van angle is VERY SHARP and a bit of a distance from where he started out from. 

 So, it looks like he did not see or did not care about the approaching car.

Here are the pictures..  Looks like she (red car) was in motion -before- the van pulled away from the curb... likely she was in a 'blind spot' or perhaps one or both drivers were on their cell phone, ipod of other Distracting & Deadly Device -right before- or -during- the impact.

Have a safe day!

Anonymous Poster on SFAwareness Group

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ello is a Real Social Network Site, not a personal data reseller, like Facebook. #leavingfacebook #byebyefb

Ello!  Is a new true Social Network site we found, as we've been going down our list of 49 Facebook Alternatives.    This new site does not care about your personal data, they aren't into tracking your movements online and do not rent or sell personal data about you.

Check this site out as we all go on down the list of 49 Facebook Alternatives we need to continue our social network activities without being spyed on or told what to post or what name we're allowed to use to self identify our individual or group postings with.

It's all about the veracity and value of our messages, not the appearance or name of the messengers.  And being free to speak and share ideas without being tracked like a commodity.

Here's an excerpt from the Ello dot Com's Manifesto:

ello.co social network
Screen Shot of Ello.co/manifesto

Your social network is owned by advertisers.

  Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data. 
   Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads.   You are the product that’s bought and sold.

We believe there is a better way.

We believe in audacity.    We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency.

We believe that the people who make things and the people who use them should be in partnership.

We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.

You are not a product.

Awesome!   Check them out here!    https://ello.co/manifesto

#leavingfacebook #byebyefb

Note:  Until we pick our final not for profit or privacy invading social network sites to replace our facebook page(s),  you can find us on on our first anchor site at Lifeknot.com. 

Link to sfawarenessgroup on lifeknot.comAs we explore the 49 more alternatives, we'll post new alternatives tested at our lifeknot.com site (shown here in the picture).

 We encourage EVERYONE to get a primary base site there, as we move onto new alternatives to Facebook. 

On Lifeknot.com - We're here:  http://www.lifeknot.com/show_profile.php?tab=&u=sfawarenessgroup

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

SF's Masking Tape Art on Sidewalks is ART, not GRAFFITTI ! Get real on this...

Tuesday - September 2, 2014 - San Francisco, California - Mission District


For the past several years, we've been studying art and graffitti all over our city.  We watch and see how folks react when they 'see' the messags posted everywhere.  

   Most agree that any mark or writing that they can't read or understand or any 'picture' drawn that is too vague or doesn't inspire us or motivate us to think, do or be better today, than yesterday falls into the graffitti category.
Often folks who tag their own names or other messages only for themselves or tiny groups is not considered art, per se.   It's graffitti.

  Also, when folks use permanent chemicals, scratches or paint on other people's property, buildings and has no political statement, protest or helpful message for the masses - its also considered graffitti.


     And it is destructive of property that other people have to pay for cleaning and fixing, who often don't have several hundred bucks lying around to pay city ordered cleaning costs every couple weeks. 

    We came across some of the best messaging, thought provoking and valuable ART WORK in the form of the use of non-permanent  chalk or masking tape to express one's self on our public sidewalks. 

   Unfortunately, we had a nice 19 year kid doing colored dust chalk (removable, easily washed away with water) on the sidewalks, but one day, he was beaten down brutally, by the former owners of K & H Liquors on 16th Street & Valencia in the mission.

  In that case, the old man (known to be violent on many occasions without provocation or just cause) came out of his liquor store, punched from behind (on the kid's back) and kicked him under his belly while the kid was simply expressing art with chalk on a public sidewalk.  

 The asian S.F.P.D. Patrol Officer (Chan? - who responded just like a robot)  REFUSED to listen to or take a report from the person who called the assault in or from outreach  volunteer from the Mission SRO Hotel Collaborative - wearing an S.F. Department of Public Health Badge for Outreach Work who saw the whole thing.  

 His utter lack of any sense of truth or justice and in doing right by the teenage boy, really disgusted us.

   That transgression of victim's rights and neglect of duty by that officer have been well documented in year's past. 

 Anyway, we digress. 

 Biased, hate filled control freaks & art haters are but one small danger of doing cool, safe, fun street and sidewalk art. 

     Mean, angry, hateful control freaks who THINK they own the sidewalk and have the right to use brooms, mops, fists or uniforms & badges to PICK ON folks in criminals ways.

 Beating on folks whose only crime is to share the art they express to improve our communities.

   When it comes to this 'SF Masking Tape Art' on sidewalks... it's truly amazing.

      We've witnessed hordes of TOURISTS SPENDING MONEY HERE gawking and snapping shots of this art work with great pleasure and amazement. 
   They actually repeat the phrases aloud and start sending text/photos to their friends, families and social networks. 

  We've seen tourists, locals and newcomers come back often to see the messaging change and they bring their friends with them. 

   Wherever eLVis CHRiSt posts his puzzling, goofy, enlightening & game changing 'thoughts' and unique phrases in and out of context, folks keep flocking back to see more and when they do, many of them buy coffee, indian food, pupusas and tacos at the LOCAL ONLY spots where he's been doing his posts at.    

  This means more people stop, look, share and spend money at and around our mom and pop spots like El Cafetazo Cafe;  Panchita's #2 Pupuseria on 16th Street & La Cumbre Tacqeria, Muddy Waters Cafe on Valencia and both the Indian/Pakistani Restaurants on 16th & on Valencia.   


We caught one 'local' who said he's lived here for more than ten years, trying to tear up the masking tape art and we asked him to compare it to the unreadable scrawls with permanent paint on the walls of local shops.  

  We asked if he KNEW THE DIFFERENCE between graffitti (that costs us money, causes harm and doesn't value to the public and is hard to get rid of) and STREET ART (which is done with non-permanent paint/chalk, has messages and value to the general public, and is done on public spaces, not on private property).  He did not... he insisted this wonderful art was graffitti.  

  He went away mad because he is LOCKED INTO IGNORANCE & HATE which makes him attack anything he does not like and label it graffitti and his type always want what they want and do not care about what is really important, helpful or valueable to the rest of us.

Support Art in public spaces in all forms.

All pictures posted remain the 2014 Copyright of a man we know as eLViS cHRiST of the mission district and san francisco, known for his art work for decades here.  All rights reserved worldwide.   

Use of these pictures in any For Profit purpose or promotion or for 'graffitti prosecution' schemes or 'evidence' are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

By David Ventura

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nine Days Left-Examples of Summaries-Supreme Court #13-10198 Gottshalk v. City & County of San Francisco/Ref: Sit-Lie, UN Human Rights Commission


Example of a HARM that violated your natural, human, constiutional rights, in Plain English (or Spanish, Japanese, Chinese or any other language used in SF!):



One day I was tired after coming back from SF General Hospital, after being Patient Dumped and spending the night in pain, after having been drugged and tied down wrong by night staff in the mental health ward. So, I sat down on the sidewalk and some upscale jerks started laughing at me (my clothes were all dirty and I had not shaved for two days and looked 'homeless') and since I was on some medication the doctors ORDERED me to take or they would deny me services, I kept twitching looking like I was high on street drugs, I suppose.

Next thing I know this crazy lady in a BMW starts yelling at me because someone threw something on her new car and she called the cops. Then these cops arrive, say they 'know me' (but have never met me) and start harassing me for being on the sidewalk. I tried to explain I just got out of the hospital but the drugs they gave me made me drool and stutter... the cops got bad, threatened to arrest me if I did not get up and move on.

I felt so bad, that once I got back to my tiny SRO Hotel and did not even want to come out of my room for weeks because I was afraid of being arrested. Since there are no benches or chairs (the city took them all away, city wide using 'the homeless' as an excuse, yet our city has tradition based upon being outside to hear music, rest, relax, congregate and hang out due to cramped, substandard living units are too small to 'live in' they are just for sleeping) anymore, I know if I don't have enough to eat, I may not be able to walk much without getting tired and there are no places to sit and rest anywhere and the crazy, greedy & shortsided voters, by mob majority rule have seen fit to take away ALL of our most basic human conveniences, fixtures by taking away all of our trash cans, 'ledges' to hold things for a moment off the ground next to a building or public telephone, benches, chairs and have outpriced outdoor tables by small mom & pops to favor the out of town, corporate, upscaled restaurants who PAY to hog up almost all the sidewalks for themselves only.

I feel like my ability to live and be as I have and my family has for generations is being destroyed by Chase bankrolled gentrification and 'voter district' packing by stealing land, homes and space from locals to create 'new upscaled, overpriced' markets for imported labor & executives from Texas, Florida, Ohio, New York, Washington, D.C..

The gentrification is destroying our way of life, our diversity and blocks us from basic human services and rights we need to exist and thrive, at the most basic levels.

One shooting and they cancel annual parties that build up community.

A few paid off board of supervisors and mayors and they get to plunder our city, wreck our naturally evolving economy and living costs which have all been transformed into a mega profit, free for all, where we're being stuffed into smaller and smaller units to live in. And with bad law like Sit-Lie, we're being denied access to and our right to 'be and to be human' on our streets and to rest, sit, lie down and do what we have been doing for generations before the banksters & global corporations came to town. We see this happening in towns from coast to coast and we're sick & tired of being sick & tired.

I, Unahppy Citizen, do hereby swear the above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge & belief.


Signed/Unhappy Citizen



There. THAT text above is a valid SUMMARY of what happened to you which caused you to change your life, denied you due process, denied you basic natural, human, civil and constitutional rights to travel, be, rest, exist and be innocent and free unless a formal charge or evidence of actual harm exists. In the example above, multiple agencies and people are Responsible for messing with you, as you are a Free or Sovereign Citizen who is capable of being responsible and should never be bothered or had your rights & your life messed with due to a law that was passed in utter ignorance & in direct violation of International Human Rights here in the home of the UN (later stolen by Wall Street and moved to NYC).


The Supreme Court Judges are NOT like any other judges you have been before. The vast majority of lower court judges are more like Corporate Administative Officers conducting business under mostly commercial law in which money paves the way and justice is hard to obtain and the cases are very complex and complicated due to legalese.

SCOTUS Judges are mostly, highly intelligent and can SEE things happening in lower courts that they hate but can do nothing about, upon their own stead.

YOU must come forward and TELL THEM A TRUE STORY and they will figure out the rest and if your reputation comes into question, they may demand documents to back up your claims, but these men and women KNOW alot about many, many things, so, if you lie in your story, they will catch it.

K.I.S.S. for SCOTUS:

If you write plain and simple they will compare all your SUMMARIES and figure out what is reasonable & just and what is unreasonable, extreme, unjust or unconstitutional about any alleged bad acts by employees, contracted companies, public officials, department heads, police, hospital, jails and make an informed ruling.


  Supreme Court Case #13-10198 Facebook Group Page:

— at US Supreme Court.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

US Supreme Court #13-10198 Gottschalk & The People v. City & County of San Francisco-No More Sit-Lie Per UN Human RIghts Commission & More...

I hand wrote writ of certiorari with fee waiver request and it was accepted and docketed 3 weeks later.

United States Supreme Court
Gottschalk v City and County of San Francisco, et al. #13-10198.
Defendants' reply briefs due June 20, 2014

1-chilling of rights and access to courts by poor litigants.

2-Age, gender, orientation, sex, religion discriminations particularly for opinions counter to LGBT labeling or identification and opposing political opinions or political correctness test in hiring.

3-corruption stemming from Human Rights Commission oversight of contracts and plan and pattern of bribery in appointments and awards to compliant co-conspirators. 

    Known to have started with Willie Brown and appointments to Human Rights Commission (current mayor Lee) who changed Senior Contracts Compliance, Dr. Kevin Williams, denial to approved and Brown appointed LGBT Virginia Harmon who then fired Dr. Williams for whistle blowing on the SF Airport renovation racism against blacks. 

   Dr. Williams cooperated with the FBI and Zula Jones was caught shredding documents but a warrant was obtained after discovery of evidence when a door was opened to discover Jones.

    When I applied to be Senior Contracts Compliance Officer I was dened an interview despite passing supervisor testing. Zula Jones was still in the Human Rights Commission and transgender Executive Director Sparks, who publicly stated support for child pornographer Larry Brinken (over 10 years a commission member) was unable to accept 
(sic: me) a heterosexual sex-reassigned transsexual with higher qualifications (see linked in profile) as I threatened potential disclosure as a long time real human rights activist.

Karla Gottschalk
Special Master State Bar of California; Barrister Hon. Society of the Middle Temple, Bar of England and Wales 

Belle Starr Presents

EXCERPTED FROM:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/516550748451615/

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Federal RICO Charges - Real Estate Racketeering in Santa Cruz County - 2008 to 2013

This is about Real Estate Racketeering in Santa Cruz County - 2008 to 2013, to start.

     We're focussing on criminal rackets in Santa Cruz County to do with Fraud Foreclosures and misuse of power and use of force; intimidation; coercion; torture; red tagging of homes without just cause; false imprisonment; assault and attempted murder AGAINST our ELDERLY, disabled and poverty stricken or well off long time homeowners and neighbors.

     We're talking about hordes of rotten, greedy, illegitimate real estate brokers; agents; financiers all working in planned concert WITH corrupted and unqualified building, zoning and 'development' planners to 'tag homes and property' for any and all reasons possible, in order to steer the events into a forced foreclosure for non-compliance of their targeted tag violations.

     One of their favorite ploys is to hold the poor or elderly homeowners in county jail on trumped up charges while he or she is due in court for foreclosure proceedings.

       The Santa Cruz County Sheriff Deputies AND the county attorney FAIL to tell the judge the homeowner is in custody and the judges erroneously sign off on a bench warrant for failure to appear in Civil foreclosure court and/or sign off on default order to allow forced sale of property (or falsely submit claims as creditors, et cetera, based on Deeds of Trust paper, not titles and deeds...) while the poor homeowner is hidden in the county jail, incommunicado.

       It appears as if we need federal investigators from the FBI and others like the Internal Revenue Service need to focus on Santa Cruz officials, council members, planning department staff, county sheriffs, local and front banks and creditors for east coast major banks (like Chase, JP Morgan, who are the major fraudsters of our homes and original deeds and titles AND Deutsche, Swiss & China Banks who are victims of the MERS securitization frauds) who are trying to steal land based on bad faith paper. It's rampant.

       It's common fraud and happening in every county in the USA. 

      Right now, we're calling ALL HOMEOWNERS and FORMER HOMEOWNERS to contact California State Attorney General Kamala Harris' Office AND the F.B.I. R.I.C.O.
 or Financial Fraud Divisions.

    If you are afraid of retaliation,  ask her office to help you get a confidential reporter status or other protections for your identity and personal safety.

   Tell them your story of how various business & association interests, bank and mortgage; creditor; agents; local planning departments and county sheriffs have been working for decades - to steal our homes and lands without just cause or fair due process.  Now is the Time To Act !

       They are using preloaded schemes in which the homes the big developers and
banks want to unload their bad debt AND purchase the homes back again at auctions
by foreclosure by fraud.

     They (the little groups of bankers, realtors, bad sheriffs and county 
planners - working together as a team, meeting at cafes on their 
lunch hours...) have your family's homes sold before they even do 
any kind of inspection or red tagging because their only goal 
is to take the land by any means for big fat profits.

One guy involved in these ongoing frauds was overheard (at 
a local cafe where the sheriff deputies hang out across the street 
from where the crooked bankers and real estate agents are... ) 
saying, "Hell, we'll just bury them all with paperwork red tags to 
get whatever property we want.  This sure ain't my first rodeo. 

We're going to make a fortune from all these old people. Hahahaha.." 
    They care NOT about real public health, safety or law enforcement 
to protect our people, most in need. 

   They are thieves working together, using deception, fraud, force and 
violence for financial gains, pure and simple.  They are the corrupted, 
masking & posing as civic leaders and do-gooders and heros.  Pure fraud.

     It's all premeditated and pre-scripted from targeting lots no matter who lives there - to abuse, trumped up red tags - up to police beatings, torture on the fast track to false imprisonment & public auction, from start to finish... 

    Hideous monster land grabbers!

     It's HAPPENING NOW to about 79+ Homes in Boulder Creek and others in Ben Lomond; Felton; Scotts Valley; San Lorenzo Valley...   Every homeowner & former homeowner needs to type up their true stories; copy them and send them to Our
California State Attorney General Kamala Harris and the F.B.I. now !!

    If you are in San Diego, you can contact your San Diego County Real Estate Fraud Department who has worked with our peers in the past to imprison crooked real estate
agent (member of the local yacht club, in fact) who was committing real estate fraud.

   Our computer geeks are going through all the records of of property sales and transfers going back ten years mixed in with all the records of the local players who are all part of a simple, yet well established group of folks using their powers in office and community prestige to STEAL ALL OF OUR LAND!

    Several Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Deputies; county workers
 and others have quit, left, resigned or transferred out to get 
away from these corrupt and violent little cartels - who are 
calling the shots for huge land grabbing profiteers.

 Lands owned for generations by families 
are being taken away - by their racketeering frauds. 

     Best targets are the elderly, disabled and anyone who can be persuaded into crimes or drugs or private property where people have Recreational Vehicles or RV's and cars that cause no real harm to anyone, but these criminals in public service use any thing to gain access to property to CREATE violations and later deny owners access to property to fix violations and when time runs out, they do forced foreclosure.

     All predicated on bad faith, illegal MERS processing, broken chain of titles and 'as is' deeds of trust which are used as ploys to steal the land.

      One method includes profiling of lands to be taken to identify if other agencies (such as C.P.S.) can be used in their schemes to trump up dangers to children that do not exist which enables government servants to otherwise illegally gain access to property and homes to either set up more violations and inspections or plant evidence to push the timeline up to force them out so the auctions can go on.


Tell everyone you know in Santa Cruz and the bay area. 

Show them this posting. 

Read this R.I.C.O. Racketeering, Torture and Elder Abuse Case Filing made last month in Federal District Court (in San Jose, 3:5 CV-000595) against all these 'players' who have been stealing land for decades, by any and all means possible.

Friggin Traitors! 

All people of all counties must UNITE NOW! Push back all of these little greedy racketeers (in your county and town) by Stepping up and Speaking Out and FILING against them all, now! 

    After you file a Complaint or Declaration (of what happened to you in clear language) with the Feds or our CA Attorney General Kamala Harris (our family girl from San Francisco who is very smart and hates greedy control freaks working against our communities and elder folks) link up with every foreclosure defense and fraud group you can and contact us here at sfhomeless on Facebook.

     You may also call and leave a voicemail with your contact information or send a Text Message to: (415) 449-1534, anytime.  Our Email Address:  SFHomeless@Zoho.com

     Please mention the word 'foreclosure' in your email, text messages or voicemails for a faster response.

     Our volunteers and peers are all over this stuff in Santa Cruz. We're making community support models you can use in your county, to wrap up all the corrupted predators and put them into state or federal prisons.

     We want every current or former homeowner of home renter who wants to help us document it all - to email us:  SFHOMELESS@ZOHO.COM to link up with our teams (or start your own teams with neighbors!) to document your story and get action happening to save your home and land or get your home and land back - by working as one community intent on justice, no matter what! 

      We've been overwhelmed by the dozens of homeowners we've already met but we want every single person harmed by these bastards to get on board so they can be present when all these greedy bastards get sentenced for their crimes.  You deserve that, at least.

   Had we not seen first hand how all these public servants, deputies and planners pull these million dollar deals off in concert, we never would have believed it ourselves. 

    Down below is the link to the actual filing against the powers that be (for now) in the County of Santa Cruz.

    Don't pay for copies of these by those third party document ripoff artists.

    Download the court docs for free, as we compile and post them for your use as possible templates to use in your particular case with your attorney. 

    If you have no attorney or have already been ripped off by the 'planted attorneys' who took your money and watched you lose without really helping you... let us know.

     We have friends and acquaintances... in high and low places with lots of talent who have integrity and a long history of NOT ripping off their clients, who are eager to help us all to win this whole war against the corrupted ones that steal from us all.

      Here's the link to the Federal Court Filing Document(s):