Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is Your Life Better or Worse After Past Six Years Under Obama Leadership - Seen.Is Poll - SFAwareness

Is Your Life Better or Worse After Past Six Years ?

With respect to overall living & working expenses, opportunities and benefits, are You better off now than you were before 2008, when President Obama and various Congress Members have been in power, to date ? 
Are You Better Off Now Than 6 Years Ago Questions

Current Results, to date (Wed Apr 22, 2015):

   So far, 115 folks have read the Poll and 66 of them took time to Vote.  

 That means a little more than half (57%) of the Viewers -- Voted.  Out of 66 Voters Total, 63% or almost 2/3 of them (42 out of 66) said they were Worse Off or Much Worse Off now than they were six years ago. 

    With a whopping 20% (one person out of five) said they had lost their work or home in the past six years.   

   On the flip up side, about 10% said their life was the same or 'a little bit better'.   

   And finally, if not with dismay to report,  that out of the 66 Voters, a meager 6% or about four people said their lives were 'Much Better Off' after the past six years.   

Are You Better Off Now Than 6 Years Ago Answers
   What a sad commentary on the realities of our current social and economic status and outlook for the people of our nation.

   Only 6% in this poll were Doing Much Better. 

 Only 16% Total were Doing Much Better or the Same.   

    A full 82% of Voters reporting their life was worse or had lost their home or job in the past six years. It's no wonder that today, in 2015, The Vast Majority of Americans, everywhere have little or no faith in any government or major corporations.  

    We (over 50 Million americans; families) have all suffered for generations, shared all our stories, compared all our notes and millions of us are moving in directions to change and take back powers that have been corrupted for so long now.  

    These kinds of polls give us insight into other stats such as the one stating that only ONE  out of five Americans trust their President, Congress or State Governments.  FOUR out of FIVE Americans DO NOT TRUST Our Leaders In Power Today.

Every time you see polls like these take time to speak up.  

    What you say and do affects everyone in the world unless you sit there and do nothing which only fosters ignorance and lets the elite get away with murder, on your watch, under your nose  -- during your lifetime and into the lives of your family, offspring and communities. 

     As always, it's up to you. 



While purging, we must also take back all local cash flows for local public services that have been privatized in ways that TAKE millions of cash from locals that leave our towns, destined for the private coffers of the elite back east and abroad.  

       Every town can find a way to manage their own human, public and health services AT COST, to keep cost to clients at the lowest rates possible (i.g. cheaper, stable parking rates) and keeping maximum percentages of revenue in your local towns to share with all. 

    Local counties have been taking back power by BANNING fracking, drones, oil drilling or other man made harms and poisons from their own backyards to keep themselves safe because their local, state and federal government, as it is before we purge, has burned us all.
    Keep taking back local power and sharing all you can with as many people you can, everywhere, every day.


J. Leonard & Peers

SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What The People Mean When They Say We Must Purge Our Police, Sheriff, Government of Out Of Control Abusers of Liquor, Drugs and People Who Cause No Harm

     Many of us people, including now Senators and others in other States now realize we MUST PURGE our police, sheriff and other government departments RIGHT NOW!   

     Because, as all these real life stories and videos of rampant, widespread, systematic abuse of powers is being seen and felt by millions from coast to coast.

  We want Our Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi, Police Chief Suhr and Our Lying Mayor Lee and our Paid Off Board of Supervisors to fully understand what we mean when we say 'purge' them all.

Excerpt from:


noun: purge; plural noun: purges
  1. 1.
    an abrupt or violent removal of a group of people from an organization or place.

    "a purge of the ruling class is absolutely necessary"

    synonyms:removal, expulsion, ejection, exclusion, eviction, dismissal, sacking, ousting, eradication

    "the purge of dissidents"
    • dated
      a laxative.
Middle English (in the legal sense ‘clear oneself of a charge’): from Old French purgier, from Latin purgare ‘purify,’ from purus ‘pure.’
MORE:   (excerpt from: )


verb \ˈpərj\
   : to remove people from an area, country, organization, etc., often in a violent and sudden way

   : to cause something to leave the body


  Full Definition of PURGE

transitive verb

1a :  to clear of guilt
  b :  to free from moral or ceremonial defilement 
2 a :  to cause evacuation from (as the bowels) 
   b (1) :  to make free of something unwanted <purge a manhole of gas> <purge yourself of fear> (2) :  to free (as a boiler) of sediment or relieve (as a steam pipe) of trapped air by bleeding
  c (1) :  to rid (as a nation or party) by a purge (2) :  to get rid of <the leaders had been purged>

intransitive verb

1:  to become purged

2:  to have or produce frequent evacuations

3:  to cause purgation

purg·er noun

Examples of PURGE

  1. High-ranking officials were purged from the company following the merger.
  2. <a day on which the faithful are expected to purge themselves of their sins through prayer and fasting>
  3. Our SF Note:   To Stop Most Corruption, Harm, Abuse and Shootings of harmless Residents in San Francisco -- We Must PURGE Our City's Government, Police and Sheriffs' Departments of ALL who are out of control or cause harm to us all, without just cause.   We think Mandatory Drug, Liquor and Psychological Evaulations Are Crucial To Purging Our City of What Harms Us The Most.


Origin of PURGE

Middle English, from Anglo-French purger, from Latin purigare, purgare to purify, purge, from purus pure + -igare (akin to agere to drive, do) — more at act
First Known Use: 14th century


: the often violent and sudden removal of people from an area, country, organization, etc.

Full Definition of PURGE

:  something that purges; especially :  purgative
a :  an act or instance of purging
b :  the removal of elements or members regarded as undesirable and especially as treacherous or disloyal 

First Known Use of PURGE



Next Word in the Dictionary: purgeable

Previous Word in the Dictionary: purgatory hammer

All Words Near: purge
 Hope you all understand what we mean when we say "PURGE THEM ALL".

Volunteers for SFAwarenesss Group (c) 2007-2015


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Now On Seen.Is -New Poll-Who Would You Vote For Our Next Honorable Mayor of San Francisco ?

Tue Apr 14, 2015 - Who Would You Elect As Mayor of San Francisco ?

   Many of us long time residents have noticed a pattern of 'Mayoral Appointments' to the Seats on the Board of Supervisors, which is okay, on an exceptional basis.

      But, in the past few decades, we've seen the exception become the norm, to the extent that it's use by Mayors such as Mayor Lee (and others before) so often, and planned out, to actually constitute a Bad Act or series of Bad Acts.

      A bad act that usurp's the autonomous nature of the Board of Supervisors, which is to be elected, by The People of San Francisco, as a counter-weight in our system of Checks and Balances.

     We are conducting an accounting of how many hours over how many years, have we had Mayor-Appointed (Executive Branch) Members of the Board of Supervisors (Legislative, Elected Branch) to see if indeed, that exception has been abused to thwart the Will of The People, as expressed by Right To Vote in their own Legisators (BOS Members) to avoid tyrannical and corrupted rule over our people and resources by 'appointee' pawns.


      After dishonest Mayors (like Mayor Lee - lied under oath, left all to die-City Hall Bomb Threat) misuse power, corrupt board election process (vis a endless appts.- vacant BOS Seats) let inhumane Sit-Lie Law to Stand, do corporate favors (for personal/political gains?)  that harmed & impoverished, tens of thousands of long time residents, leaves office this time....

   Who Do You Wish To Be Our Next HONORABLE MAYOR ?

o   Andy Blue
o   Allison Budner
o   Jane Kim
o   John Avalos
o   Aaron Peskin
o   Elihu Hernandez
o   Shona Gochenaur
o   Rose Aguilar
o   Jeff Adachi
o   Matt Gonzales
o   Nudist George Davis
o   Tom Ammiano
o   La Mesha Irizarry
o   Other ? - Email Your Choice to:

Pick The Next Mayor of San Francisco.
(in no particular order)

Cheers!  Have Fun!
SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015



Thursday, April 9, 2015


Shortly before Midnight last night, Wednesday April 8th, 2015 a friend was sitting at the light, in the bike lane with lights and reflectors on his bike, Eastbound on Market Street, at Geary/Kearny/Third Street Intersection headed towards the Embarcadero. 

    He had safety reflectors, front and back lights and was drively his bicycle lawfully and with usual if not extra care.

   As he pulled away to cross the street, as the light had turned green,  he barely made it to the other side of Third Street when a Muni Bus (possibly 71), behind and to his left, in the middle lane, came over into his lane near the curb (the bike lane). 

     The Muni Bus hit his back tire and frame at an angle, causing his bike to topple over like a somersault and he landed on his head, upon the curb at the Southeast Corner of Market and Third Streets, right in front of T-Mobile Store.  

     We can see cameras there and a big camera diagonally across the street on top of Kearney/Market Street Sign next to Chase Bank.   Several witnesses came up to him and one told him not to move.   

   He was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, but was given poor care.
      He's in pain, but they were 'busy' so they discharged him.  He's going to get more care for his injuries at a local clinic.  

     Aside from injuries sustained this time, the Muni Driver failed to stop and render aid, but as he lay on the sidewalk he recalls seeing the Chase sign and seeing the bus driver looking at him, as he lay helpless and imobile on the street and curb. 

   We're meeting with attorney later this weekend and need all witnesses to step forward to explain what they saw.  

   We also need to ID the Muni Bus and Driver responsible for this tragic accident -- which makes the Third Time our friend has been 'hit' by Muni Buses, the same way.

  SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015


Friday, April 3, 2015

Low Cost Attorney, Admitted to US Tax Court Here $20 for 30 Minutes in San Francisco Bay Area

    One of our attorney peers is grateful for seeing folks, willing to work hard to defend our rights.   Up to the point of wishing to give back to our activist and social justice communites, by offering an Initial Half Hour Consultation for $20 dollars, for the next few weeks.   

      She was recently accepted to practice in U.S. Tax Court and is what they call a Special Master - which is the title given to an attorney who is responsible to oversee things like evidence handling in cases involving licensed professionals or in which confidentiality of others (patients, for example during search of a doctor's office) must be protected by a 'third party' officer of the court.

    She's  lived in San Francisco most of her life and has always struggled for those who are being taken advantage of  by corrupted or bad acting folks in positions of public trust and power.

     She has decades of legal experience in the court rooms and 'out on the streets' with the People to defend the right to peaceful assembly, protest and redress of issues against the governments when they act improperly or abuse authority and power, to cause harm to the innocent.

   She's been a long time social justice activist and has had recent cases in state, federal and the Supreme Court of the United States.   She is familiar with real estate fraud, elder abuse and human rights cases.   She recently brought actions before the Supreme Court of the United States, on behalf of the People of San Francisco versus various government agencies.

    Contact her to arrange an appointment:   Counsel@UnSeen.Is 

Why Did SF Leaders Sell Out To Banksters, High Tech Firms That Harm Us, Steal Local Cash Flows

    So, why did out local leaders kiss the feet of high tech firms who cause more conflict and harm and take away from our city, much more than they give, in the first place ?

   Was everyone in government 'paid off' or too shortsided and unwise to EVER let any one corporation, bank, industry or cartel to dominate our city and its people.

      Put the live music; artisans, performers, thinkers, doers, trash cans, benches, tables and STREET LIFE back on our streets so we can boost tourism and rest, socialize and BE without being harassed, demonized or bothered by newcomers, who call cops not for real harmful things but on any thing that annoys them.

     Control freaks that have no tolerance and no spine to deal with our people, as they are, directly, without driving up costs and putting lives at risk, by creating police confrontations that are not necessary to keep us all safe.

   In the past few years of unjust, inhumane Sit and Lie, we've heard scores of foreign tourists (with bucks to spend) complain about not being able 'to be' with the street people, artists, vendors and mom and pops they have been coming to OUR CITY to see, every year for GENERATIONS.  

  Who think or have been 'trained' to assume they are ABOVE using Caltrains to commute, walking 3/4 of a mile from SoMa to The Mission instead of a local-cash-flow-thieving ride share that causes us all (the 99% of us NOT being wined, coked up and pampered by Banksters from the East & London City) so much more pollution, conflict, anger, congestion and most of the money leaves town, anyway !

       How many Uber/Lyft Drivers have you seen creating a hazard, leaving 20 feet of space ahead of their car (backing up crosswalks) and using a distracted device yards away from hundreds of families, pedestrians, children all around ?   Do you feel safe ? 

Includes $B SF Bay Bridge Retrofit Frauds
 Or, if one reads the Latest on California Corruption Non-Fiction Book, ( The Third Jake:  Crime and Corruption in California, written by the intense investigative journalist pal of ours, Mr. Richard Trainor), then you will see inside layers of corruption in our once great city. 

  Watch the video here:

     We're trying to obtain licensing to help distribute the electronic PDF Version of the book to everyone. 

 So you too, can discover how the Billion Dollar Bay Bridge Retrofit was a fraud from the start.

   After reading the book, many of you will change your minds and think,

   'Damnit!  It Should Be Called The Willie Brown, Jr. Bridge' (of corruption), in the first place.... it's not our bridge, because the People of San Francisco and California were all defrauded and this books tells you how it's being done.

   James the advocate (and many of you long timers here)  used to work at a major aircraft production facilities like  Sunstrand-Turbomark (F-16's) in Quality Control and oversaw how even 'bolts & screws' are put through all kinds of documentation; testing and unless someone committed fraud, no way bad bolts made it through Q/A process in million dollar corporations without having insiders pulling switches on inventory.

   Our city leaders in community and government need to 'get back to being real' and de-privatize to regain likely billions of dollars in 'for profit' revenues taken away from cities back to the banksters and investors of corporations like Serco Global who operates faulty hospitals, immigration detention facilities, the UK Missile Guidance Systems and San Francisco's Corrupted Parking Meter, Revenue systems with SFPark and operations connected to Feinstein's husband.  

    We need our brightest residents to help produce Visual Materials and research to calculate how much we lose for every dollar spent on these global, foreign privatized public and human services.  

   We realize that when SF says it spends X Million on Human Services, we know they have a Policy for decades of 'PUSHING' people onto Federal/State SSI/SSDI Claims and TAKE BACK every dime spent FROM OUR BENEFITS.

   So, it's not really our tax money and programs that pay for general assistance (at artificially jacked around market rates for SRO Hotels; Shelter Beds where people get jacked) the larger tax pools we all pay into is the money that eventually pays for most of the homeless who get benefits. 

      Yet, they are FORCED to be mentally ill or disabled (or made worse by inhumane treatment, living conditions, cops using false imprisonment techniques to harass & move people from one place to another against their will and best interests) with another bill for hundreds or over a thousand a month (in now forced Obamacare) for pills that often cause sudden loss of breath, thoughts of violence or suicide, etc. that taxpayers foot the bill for, which is all of us. 

     Forced to pay into an already corrupted, for megaprofit health insurance and care system, run by The Elite 400+ 'Royal' Families.  We digress...

  But, that is the homeless cycle folks.  Banks pave the way to push underpaid, easy to manipulate or sink into debt newcomers to live in 4 times before they came market rate spots causing about 10,000 locals businesses and 10,000 individuals and families to become, suddenly, beyond their control homeless, jobless and impoverished.

   All for the megaprofits of the elite who paid off local politicians who let them wreck our skyline, kill off our street life that brought in mega tourist dollars and let 10,000 amateur drivers bring harm, uncertain high fare rates, laziness, accidents and death to us our streets.

    Absolutely horrendous bad acts against our people causing a State of Emergency for 80% of us, whose families and associates built this city for our residents, creativity, humanity and life.   Not for grotesque disfiguration, plundering, endangering and impoverishment by newcomers, neocons and greedy, selfish, anti-social, enclaved pawns and tools of the Elite.

 Okay, rants over!   Have a Great Weekend Rabblerousers and Those Whose Hope Is Unwavering in the face of Tyrants!




Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet Thurs Apr 2 for May 1st 2015 Event, Action Notes: Monster in da Mission Plaza 16 Coalition

May 1st Planning Meet: Thursday-04/02/15

In this email:

  • TONIGHT :: Planning Commission/Dept. strategy meeting
  • THURSDAY :: May 1st event/action planning meeting 
  • FRIDAY, MAY 1st :: SAVE THE DATE :: Big action to demand affordable housing for the Mission!
  • TAKE ACTION :: Send our message to City Hall


Planning Commission/Department Strategy Meeting
Tuesday, March 31 at 6:30PM
L's Cafe
2871 24th Street (between Florida/Bryant)

Plaza 16 is joining with groups and residents from across 
 the Mission to work on a unified strategy for upcoming 
 Planning Commission hearings and for getting the
 Planning Department to respond to the real needs of 
 our community.

  We need to be informed and able to mobilize as the 
  Monster in the Mission and other market-rate projects 
  come up for approval at the Commission.

Come tonight to learn how you can participate and help 
 develop the strategy and infrastructure needed for us 
 to be successful in fighting for what the community 
 needs at the Planning Commission.


May 1st Event/Action Planning Meeting
Thursday, April 2nd at 6:30PM
Redstone Building, Room 302
2940 16th Street at Capp

Plaza 16 is also joining with groups and residents from across
the Mission District and across the city to plan a major event
and action on May Day.   We will need everyone's help to make
this event a big success.

Bring your ideas to our next meeting this Thursday. 

Big Action for Affordable Housing in the 
Mission/SF Details to be announced
On May 1st the Mission community will unite to 
demand truly affordable housing for the community 
and a moratorium on market rate development until 
affordable housing needs are met. 

Stay tuned for details! 


Make certain our elected officials hear 
our message from 
March 4th

Here's how you can help spread our message rom March 4th to 
our city's elected leaders and decision makers. 

Email and/or tweet them a video and/or your personal account 
from our March 4th on Maximus action!

1. Copy and paste this list of addresses of elected officials 
and commissioners into an email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2. Then copy and paste into the body of the email, these 
links to powerful videos from the action.
  • The Community wants 100% affordable housing and 
         has no use for luxury apartments.

3.   In your email tell our city officials that we are already 
facing a severe displacement crisis in the Mission and 
we need affordable housing not more luxury-priced units 
that will drive even more displacement in our community. 

4. Share this link with others so they can join the action too!

More info on the website:
Join and endorse the Plaza 16 Coalition.
Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.