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If you Report A Felony To Government Official, Employee, Mayor, Cop, Prosecutor

U.S. Code Title 8 § 1481 -- MISPRISION OF A FELONY --  Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

     Our peers tell us that San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and Other City Officials are AWARE OF ATTEMPTED MURDERS; AND POTENTIALLY ONGOING MURDERS.



       John Fitzgerald Kennedy and other Great Leaders WARNED US of Secret Societies who back as far as 1954, were planning on controlling us all for personal and group profits and gains.   60+ years later,  they have been able to use control over mass media, fear mongering and intimidation, extortion and mass murder (like a machine) to accomplish exactly that.    These folks are operating in our city and state like never before.

  YOU must come forward and help expose the Bad Acts of those in power who hide the hideous crimes of people they know, from social, political, commercial circles, that act contrary to the best interests of the people in all the communities in the bay area and coast to coast.


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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When The Feds Come to Town-RICO, Mayor Lee, London Breed, Steinle Tragedy Updates

        Well, well, well.   After several individuals (see: ) worked hard over decades to expose the corruption in our city and nearby counties, state and nation -- we were delighted to see today's SF Examiner.

         However, as we crack open bottles to toast and cheer, keep in mind that we have much more to uncover, as we all dig deeper into the cess pool of corruption that brought us Chase Bank, Massive Displacement, Grand Theft of Local Cash Flows (by so-called disruptive technologies which are merely Fraud Devices disguised as helpful devices and apps), wholesale visa profiteering ( by the Lee & Brown Visa For Sale Travel Agency),  displacement of over 20,000 Local Businesses and 20,000 residents over the past few years alone.  
SF Examiner Aug 5, 2015 FBI Probe

     Wall Street, JP Morgan, Chase stole over 50 Million Homes over generations -- using Rackets of local business associations, banks, county-city planners, police, sheriffs, courts, recorder's offices financed by Drug Enforcement Grants by the Feds and States, which permitted them to target land they want, put on false sceptic tank reports, 'red tags' and other fake violations.  

     And then use lawyers to 'bury them all in paperwork' until the land owners are broke or in jail (which makes it easy to foreclose or seize your land while incarcerated or detained but no one tells the civil court, so you lose your land without due process). 

   Then the loan companies used outsourced and domestic and imported temp workers to process Trillions of dollars worth of real estate paperwork, deeds, notes, titles and more but DID NOT CARE ABOUT ACCURACY.   I worked at Accredited Home Loans and saw it all, from inside one of the largest 'secondary' market loan firms in the nation.   So, all those originals were stashed into World Trade Center Building Seven, the one that didn't get hit by a plane but blew inward and was taken down upon orders by the Building Owner, which destroyed tons of Deeds and Evidence of other crimes, all in one spot.  

   The 'diluted securities' were mainly sold to unsuspecting Banks of China, Germany and Japan who were Defrauded since they can't produce any Original, Inked Documents, Deeds or Notes in Foreclosure Proceedings, which rightfully enable the Judge to severe the Title From the Banks, free and clear back to the Owner, paid off in full, since the banks all committed Massive Fraud, hidden by 9/11 destruction of all kinds of real estate fraud evidence and so much more.

   We made sure the entire cradle to grave story of how Wall Street & London City and their Texas and Florida Partners SCREWED all the people of these united States, stole their lands and homes under 80+ years of orchestrated Prohibition and Drug War and Prison Building Frauds.   AND sold the rotten paper to the Banks of China, Germany & Japan, essentially defrauding the entire world, all at once, using 'Terrorism' here, there and everywhere as their Grand or Master Distraction device.   Fear. 

   Speaking of fear,  we've now uncovered many locals who are sure they know the man in custody for the Steinle 'Shooting' Incident at Pier 14 on July 1, 2015. 

     We've researched back to the .40 Caliber itself and found lots of ocnflicting info, mostly lies.   

       In fact, we discovered the Sao Paulo Military Police rejected and sent back 98,000 Smith & Wesson, Taurus DS Police Tactical Special Pistols because they were accidentially shooting each other due to defect which enabled guns to fire without touching the trigger, with or without the safety on, by shaking or upon sudden impact or dropping on the ground.   
98,000 S&W .40 Caliber Taurus Police Pistols Rejected By Brazil

    So for all any of you know, the T-Shirt was stuffed into the trigger area, without the Required (by BLM Agency Policy & 1997 Executive Order for Trigger Locks for all Fed Agents when gun is not on their person or out of their immediate custody) Trigger Lock, and when pulled, the gun fired, with or without a safety.  

   No Human Intent or Touch by Hand Required to Discharge a Defective or Set Up Gun.
          In fact, we discovered our State Attorney General Kamala Harris, may have not only misled us all by stating "Lopez-Sanchez" was a 'Murderer' without facts in hand, but as an attorney, its quite unethical to be stating as fact ANYTHING prior to having all facts present and until after trial, to make that kind of a determination. 

      It causes prejudice to the case and can cause local juries to be tainted (since Kamala is well known here in the Bay Area) and as An Attorney, how could she not thought herself more like a sworn officer of the courts instead of a politiican or person in need of attention or 'acceptance' into a mob mentality group, headed off to D.C. to con Congress and The American Public, without facts in hand.

Duly Elected SF Sheriff Mirkarimi Goes On Offensive! Yeah!
      So, now we have all our SF locals over time (and their underlings and 'interns' who are now high up in power) doing and saying unreasonable, prejudicial, judgemental things based on nothing.   But in the spotlight with Talking Heads who also made Assumptions, being Pelosi and Feinstein.

      We (about a half dozen locals) think we personally know Mr. Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez (from a few months ago AND over the 2013-2014 time frames) and we agree, he's a frail, basically harmless man with trauma and drug and liquor problems. 

     He says clearly (when asked clearly in spanish in the local news 47 minute 'interview') picked up a T-Shirt with a Fed Gun that all ( feds, mass media, local media, gun control and prison builder hater groups) remain so silent on the Core Issue of Cause of this death.

          The Status, Condtion and Circumstances behind why and how this Fed Gun was kept, not kept, stored, locked up or not, with trigger lock or not and left in public space in broad daylight, all day, is crucial to moving forward with any conclusion or judgment about this case or whether it was the gun at fault, the fed agent at fault for creating the situation to exist in the first place. 

      We personally know Mr. Lopez-Sanchez (until we know otherwise) and can't see him ever trying to shoot a gun, let alone have a gun and surely, never aim and fire a gun.   

   Everything else is guesswork. 

     But, Feds and Corporate Prison Building Interests and Haters DRAGGED THE STEINLE FAMILY to Washington, D.C. to Exploit them in a Rush to push us to hate and make radical changes that will never stop any person from picking up a Fed Gun that was left on a busy pedestrian area in broad daylight. 

CA AG Harris-Steinle Case-Lets Not React To That One MURDER.
   But how fast the Accusations of Murderers and how viscious the Fox News Actors were and how so many unfamiliar with trauma, shootings, human personas rushed to use Lopez-Sanchez's words as a bona-fide 'confession'.

   As opposed to being viewed as the utterances of a man being asked double questions in English by a skilled news actor, under duress.  

   If you know spanish you can hear him say he feels 'sad' but he does not fell 'bad'.   In Mexico and its culture, words on feelings are cut and dry.   If you 'feel bad' it's because you think or acknowledge you've done something 'bad' meaning with intent and guilt.

      But, if you cause any harms by accident, without intent, you NEVER say you feel bad (as in our slang english useage, I feel bad for that person's loss.. etc.) you say you feel 'sad' for the losses of that person or sad because of a human mistake that led to a tragedy.  

     Watch the 47 Minute Channel 7 'Interview' to see how flawed and misleading it truly is.  Only folks already in hate mode or who never lived in other cultures would see it as anything close to 'a valid or meaningful confession' of any 'legal guilt' for 'murder'.  

   Again, even our Attorney General climbed aboard the Hate, Blame & Change It All Bandwagon.    

       While 'saying' "Let's Not Over-react' she calls Steinle Case A MURDER.  Does she have FACTS it was a Murder ?   I don't.

      I haven't SEEN ANY FACTS to show if the Fed Gun Fired by itself upon opening of T-Shirt (could happen to anyone) or if nudged, dropped or kicked (which could have happened to anyone) which caused it to discharge the round that unfortunately (i.g. fate, not man made laws, blame, hate) struck down the Steinle Angel.

     We have no prints, GSR test results, video, explanation of how the Fed Gun was stored, if stolen from locked or unlocked vehicle, trunk, lock box and did it have a Trigger Guard which PREVENTS OR SLOWS DOWN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE or a Defect in the manufacturing.   Do We ?

  But this 'role model' attorney in power, said MURDER.  

      Not Homicide investigation or accidental or just plain shooting.... her mind has already been made up, based on emotion or hate or bias or maybe she knows facts that we don't know.   Problem is, all those Talking Heads run Out Of Control Often (we think due to drugs, pharma, liquor, trauma, intimidation or grooming and programming) without facts in hand and cause us all to panic and do things and say things that ARE NOT RIGHT that may come back to bite us all later.

      Which only puts more fear into our hearts for no good reason and gives more money and power to the men who are creating these deceptions, in the first place.

What a blessing that most of my closest peers, researchers and legal help do NOT do any pharma drugs, narcotics or drink liquor, so we can see all of you who do and see what you all do and say, crystal clear. 

   We pray all will leave the Steinle Family ALONE to grieve and we pray FACTS will come out to prove or disprove accident, murder, gun defect or fed setup to everyone's satisfaction and above all, to honor Kate Steinle and prevent an Injustice to her, Mr. Lopez-Sanchez or the General Public.

      They create these mass media cons by way of runaway assumptions and Florida Style Railroading by The Elite and Candidates for Office who disgust me when they exploit Grieving, often naive families and the general public.

     Shame on them all and Congress who are part of the charade and manufactured 'outrage' against what and who ?   A broken down 3rd grade educated foreigner, whom we know and believe causes no harm or bad will towards ANY ONE, as part of his nature, his character and conduct.

     We believe now, he (Mr. Lopez-Sanchez) was a perfect fall guy for a planted pistol.  Did any of you think of that in wake of Jade Helm, Uber on Homeland Security Board and Urban Shield and New Officers funded here and in major cities from coast to coast ?

     They're spending Billions, right now,  to keep us all in a state of fear and dependency, upon them !


  Look at How They Exploited The Steinle Family for Mega Ad Revenue, Hate & Mega Prison Funding Purposes,  truly disgusting way to treat a family in grief who should have been left alone by everyone.

     Later, when ALL facts come out, you all an say or do something intelligent or important from The Truth you learn in this case, not by spitting out mindless assumpations that have no basis in fact.

   Peace out.

  Moderators - SF Awareness Group (c) 2007-2015

 UPDATE FRIDAY - AUGUST 7, 2015 - YouTube Video Uploaded: 

   Now On YouTube:  

        Attorney, Mayor Elect Whistleblower 'Belle Starr' Vindicated by Today's Front Page Story in the San Francisco Examiner (for profit local news rag) on FBI probe into SF Mayor Edwin Lee (Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire, Leave You In A City Hall Bomb Threat To Die), San Francisco Board of Supervisor London Breed and many others. 

Mayor Candidate Belle Starr Reacts to FBI Probe of Mayor Lee
    Many more names and facts to come, as your SF Peoples' Fraud Task Force and Peers march full steam ahead in solidarity with many local groups of all types.

     Taking back power from those we no longer trust is necessary now, more than ever.  

     We can't lose Major Tourist Revenue from upcoming Major Events with Individuals in Office, like soon to be ex-Mayor Lee and other -- all being suspected of Federal Felonies while in Office, which if they remain in office, will harm us all in so many ways.

      In accordance with Mayor Lee's Policy of SUSPENDING City Officials upon serious allegation;  we, The People of the City & County Of San Francisco, do hereby Demand that the Accused Mayor Lee and all other Public Officials, Staff, et al. be immediately SUSPENDED from positions and REPLACED in Accordance with City & County Charters, Effective Immediately.

   If we do not Treat them, as they have treated us, then what is this thing you call Justice, Anyway?

 Time to Widen Our Circle The Wagon tactic to cover all of the SF Bay Area.  Later, Northern California, California proper and the rest of the nation.   Taking back Power, Trust and Cash Flows to each local community.  Reverse the grand theft and plundering of the elite, from coast to coast.   

   We, San Franciscans must recognize our Duty to pave the way for all residents and citizens of these united States.

   We've asked The Honorable Mayor Gayle McLaughin, of Richmond, California to REACH OUT to our Trusted local officials to bolster up our ability to Root Out corruption throughout the Bay Area with Our Friends and Neighbors who are in need of Our Support and research skills to keep their communities safe, as well. 

      The Elite operate in nearly all 3,000+ U.S. Counties and Our People in San Francisco and The SF Bay Area Are World Class Leaders and Role Models.... right Gavin ? 

    What.. that's right.. San Francisans are World Class Leaders,  Whether ya' Like It or Not.

 Peace Out!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Women Beware- Uber Is Aligned With Military-Police-Prison Industry UrbanShield Monsters

 [excerpt see link to original article below]

 Uber Is Now Sponsoring a Police Militarization Conference

 Kevin Montgomery
Uber Is Now Sponsoring a Police Militarization Conference
  As citizens continue to criticize America's increasingly-militarized civilian police forces, cops across the country are descending upon Oakland for the controversial Urban Shield war games conference. Mother Jones' Shane Bauer has been roaming the conference's showroom floor, where drones that "drop stuff 'like the Hunger Games'" and "keep calm and return fire" shirts are sold. He also found that Silicon Valley's hottest startup is footing part of the bill.

It's true. "Everyone's private driver" is listed as a platinum vendor sponsor amongst weapons and armored vehicle manufacturers.
Uber Is Now Sponsoring a Police Militarization Conference
Uber sponsoring a police conference itself wouldn't be particularly unexpected—as the "$18.2 billion" startup has come under fire by regulators across the globe, currying favor from local cops could help build needed support within local governments.

 And a company executive recently joined the Department of Defense's Defense Business Board. 

 However, as Urban Shield's 2012 retrospective video shows, it's not simply a police conference, but also a training program:

   "Urban Shield is funded largely by the Department of Homeland Security," Oakland North reported of last year's event. All told, Urban Shield received $1,537,500 from DHS in 2013 for "materials, equipment, supplies, local transportation, and overtime personnel costs." 

    The annual training conference was also credited as being "essential" in sculpting Boston's response to last year's Marathon bombing—a response that has been widely criticized for its excessiveness.

     It isn't clear why Uber is sponsoring a conference that offers "critical training 4 critical times." And they have not responded to our request for comment. But it certainly keeps in line with Uber's tone-deaf marketing shtick of pissing everyone off.

To contact the author of this post, please email

SFAwareness Group Moderator Note:

The Above Excerpt is Dedicated to All Women and Men Harmed by Renegade Operations like Uber and Women In Uniform Who Have Been Assaulted By Men In Uniform Everywhere -- and to The Honorable Mr. Shane Bauer, for his courage to write and speak truth to power, from our homeless shelters and streets of San Francisco to all points abroad.


 Women Beware !  You KNOW how 'widespread' abuse and rape of women in the Military and Industrial Complex and Banking For Profit Industries, Social Realms, Circles and Offices, Right ?

   BE SAFE and DO NOT TAKE SO-CALLED RIDE SHARE RIDES because UBER is now ALIGNED with the Military Industrial Complex. 

   The mentality of using intimidation, force and abuse as a means to acquire wealth, power and status in these business-social power block circles is based upon lying, cheating, stealing and using your ignorance against you, to harm you and take your money out of your local communities.

      UBER is not only sponsoring this mega conference, but many suspect it's likely they're becoming a front operation being used to plunder your local community because they control prices you have to pay them to be driven (short distances you can walk yourself or take a cab. -- there is no real 'saving time' in dense residential cities like ours) and MOST OF THE FARES YOU PAY LEAVES SAN FRANCISCO or your town and goes towards buying mansions for the elite.

   Any woman that takes a ride with a non-regulated stranger with no assurance of how much of a risk it is, is nota very wise thing to do.   Lose a life or waste hours to fix an overbilling by Uber, to save 10 minutes of travel time for what  ?

    Only because you lack time management or planning skills to insure you can walk and bus and taxi anywhere you need to, save money and keep more cash flows local.

    Met a woman last night that is so hooked into fantasy of convenience that she commits to doing too much, uses Uber all the time (which she admits costs her more) and now, she's so far in debt she needs to leave town to afford to commute into town to work.

    It's MADNESS!  If she walked and biked and took taxis, instead of unkown priced Uber, she'd have the extra $200 a month to ba able to live here.

   Once folks get sucked into text device app world, they click too much and move too fast,  and spend too much until they realize they can't afford to be here... they 'run' fast here on a NY Speed Vibe (that's wholly inconsistent with our pace and vibes) only because they didn't reach out to locals, learn all the shortcuts to being able to 'afford' to be here -- how to live here.

     In contrast to these 'pushed & lured' here newcomers, the 'runaways' who came here in the past came here to learn from the most advanced (200 cultures over generations in 49 square miles produces a population that has lots of culture, information and news available on any given day that other limited exposure cities get in a year) people who lived here and added to our lives here.

    Today's newcomers, trying in recent news articles to 'akin' themselves to being here as hippies, etc., but they are not akin to anything but what they've been programmed into their heads by east coast and texas wizards, who sent them here to disrupt and destroy our communities, local identities, cash flows and resources to enrich the elite, period. 

     if you change your bad sheep trained habit of using 'modern' apps for convenience that steal cash flows and wreck existing lives and systems that work fine, once you learn them and stop being afraid all the time.

     Always being 'rushed' into tthese fantasies and conveniences (giving elite your location, personal details, habits, percent of every transaction) that only enrich the elite, is not cool.   Our locals walk slow and think and act to do what we choose to do, either from the 'choices' presented to us or if we reject those, we invent our own choices.

   Newcomers 'do as they are told' or only choose options from what they already know.   They are not here to learn from us, they are here to carry out the will of others to change us to their liking or force their short sided ideas (we've been through decades before) onto us to prove they are right and modify our traditions, laws, behavior and conduct to suit their 'plan' for us in their minds.

    So, new is often not better, its riskier and takes away cash flow from your local communities.

   UBER like many other lowest (read: cheapest) expense- megaprofit models have been in our city before and like other money grubbers before them,  their harms to us can only last so long until they expose themselves to be aligned with the military elite mentalities that are killing OUR PEOPLE on OUR STREETS TODAY.

Please BOYCOTT all Corporations that operate outside the law or that support the wicked monsters in power that live luxurious lifestyles built upon the blood of our people in the street and in our communities and abroad in their wars for oil, money and power.

**  Many of you (especially newomers brought here for 'business' are like children and you'll likely continue to let your wishes for convenience stop you from doing the right thing and until you suffer, you won't understand the seriousness of your place in the world today and your role in our communities.

**  Those of you who hear and understand these issues as adults must take all actions necessary to divert cash flows (out of your pocket or under your control) away from for profit banks like Chase and corporations like Uber that support Tyranny and Fascism and Men that Rape Women More Often Than Most All Other Groups Combined.

** Move your money to Locally operated, nationally supported Community Credit Unions. 

** Use known REGULATED Public Transit, especially in tiny breadth cities like San Francisco, where Ride Shares do more harm than good and with smart, calm planning, you can walk and rent a car once a month to do more, excercise more and spend less.

** Don't Be Alone.   Some cops are so hyped up on drugs or liquor or 'the bad ass' lifestyle they are in fact, Trigger Happy. 

** Spend more real face time with your pets, babies, family and loved ones and neighbors than you do with your petro-chemical hand held consumer devices.   Your family and pets will love you more for it and not 'act up' later because of cell phone abandonment issues.

** Stop spending most of your money to benefit global corporations that steal local cash flows.

** Deprivatize.  Stop supporting privatized corporate-government services that TAKE cash flow and resources away from your communities to benefit the elite who fund the wars and big pharma and prison syndicates.

     As you Check this out remember -- SF City Leaders, like Mayor Ed, Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (run, ed, run with enrique), leave-you-to-die-in-a-city-hall-bomb-threat Lee SUPPORT & FAVOR Uber and other high tech renegade cash flow thieves, to our great risk, loss, detriment and peril:

  The Link Above is Where the Excerpted Material Originates

Stay Safe!

SFAwareness Moderators and peers at El Cafetazo in the MIssion registering voters and blogging real life stories of folks being gentrified by global corporations supported by misguided local leaders in government.