Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017 Increasing Awareness on All Fronts- Year of the Rooster

2017 is a year like no other.

  Many of us have been fighting corruption, tyranny, abuse, gentrification and privatization for years, decades and generations.

   We've seen our city and others around the nation become decimated by gentrification and renegade corporations take over space, push out residents by the tens of thousands and steal local cash flows for their non-taxed, foreign owned mega global corporations (from UK, largely).

   Because of for profit privatization of public services, jails, police departments, parking services by Major Corporations of the United Kingdom (in partnership with Bush's Krew in Florida), the Saudis, U.A.E. and other KINGDOMS, we know that at least 20 cents from every tax dollar spent goes into their tax free pockets and take local cash flows away from every community they operate in.

     You only get full value for tax dollars paid into public services, when they operate at cost in non-profit models that keep all the cash flows local.

   G4S Secure Solutions, Serco Global are examples of the two largest, most abusive and destructive UK Corporations that we know of, so far.    G4S has 65,000 Militarized Personnel on US Soil, in your local Safeway (see #WhoKilledRosco), local plazas, parks, rights of way, county jails, government offices, homeland security.  

    They have about 500,000 more personnel around the globe, badly operating refugee transportation, detention facilities and harm people everywhere.   Serco is G4S's lesser competitor who do about the same thing.

   Ok.  We know G4S (and contracted militarized personnel like them) attacked the water protectors, natives and supporters.   And involved with Orlando Pulse, and on and on.

   That's an example of the big enemies we have that harm us and take our cash from us.

   On the micro level,  we have seen another kind of destruction to us that's centered around those damn distractive devices.  Not only do they cause 400,000 new accidents a year, we never had before, but the number of assaults and strong arm robberies of our devices, purses, wallets, laptops and personal property has skyrocketed.

   To that end, we posted a call for Volunteers to form Safety Patrols and we know it will work well for us all. 

  One woman who saw the postings we made on Active Cell Phone Theft Area posting about the 16th & Valencia Street area that has three groups we've identified from numerous victims and witnesses.

    She saw this tall, thin, dark skinned young man (usually talking loud on cell phone as a distractor as he walks around 'spotting targets'  - working with -  a much shorter, older, medium toned skinned, well dressed (2/3 piece dark brown suit) man scoping out phones, purses at the FISH MARKET near 23rd & 24th and Mission Street.

  They tried to get her and her cell phone & purse, but she was already aware -- she yelled, fought back and ran.

  Yes, she came back another day with friends and now sees them and calls attention to them at the fish market.  


Gott go, but here's the post:

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Posted on Craigslist:

    At about 9:45PM - MON OCT 10TH -- My 6" ZTE ZMAX Z970 Android Phone was snatched from my hand, by a man who according to locals, hangs out at 16th St/Valencia Street, preying on locals with phones in their hands.

     He is FAST and in the past few hours, he tried to snatch phone from guy on bike near 16th St & Mission. MAY HAVE LATINO/CAUCASIAN (light skinned) person working with him to distract or block Victims.

     Then an hour later, he sees man walking from Wells Fargo ATM (16th/BART) towards Caledonia Alley next to Mission National Bank across from Pancho Villas, 3000 Blk of 16th St, told man he dropped money on ground.. man looked down, dude snatched his wallet, ran, got attacked by someone, dropped wallet, ran towards 16th St Mission Bart Station.Shortly thereafter, he was in front of new parklett at 411 Valencia, in front of Royan Hotel/Tea Shop, walking back and forth.... 

    I stopped using my ZTE, he disappeared.

      Ten minutes later while texting atty about a low income client case we're working on and he jumped out of shadows by surprise, I turned, he lunged towards me, pushed my shoulder back and snatched my ZTE smart phone.It has a keypad lock, it's MetroPCS and has some political sticker on the back and red piece of tape over the front facing camera.

     Here's the alert I'm sending all my peers...Mon Oct 10- Mission District, near 16th/Valencia-URGENT! MY ANDROID WAS STRONG ARM STOLEN AT 9:40 PM --- Tall, Slim Black Male, 26, clean cut, white tshirt... hangs out to steal! 


    Laughs as he snatches your stuff... any wallet, cell phone is a target. 

  He hits up multiple victims within a couple hours.... 


SATURDAY  -- October 15, 2016 UPDATE:

   The ZTE Phone stolen from the community advocate above, had Low Income Client Case Information and Photo Evidence of Crimes, to this Theft, may be transformed into a more serious felony, since it has documents we need for upcoming court appearances.  

     Very sad to have so much valuable information on a personal device and have it STOLEN out of your hands by Thieves that are plaguing our city.   WE MUST FIGHT BACK !

 Be Safe.   More photos and stories of other crime victims coming this week.   

SFAwareness Group Moderators

 We're going to post Posters about this theft and increase awareness of locals and tourists in the Mission about how rampant the thefts are.    Many of the Thieves live at local hotels and SRO Housing Units on Mission and 16th Streets.