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Women Beware- Uber Is Aligned With Military-Police-Prison Industry UrbanShield Monsters

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 Uber Is Now Sponsoring a Police Militarization Conference

 Kevin Montgomery
Uber Is Now Sponsoring a Police Militarization Conference
  As citizens continue to criticize America's increasingly-militarized civilian police forces, cops across the country are descending upon Oakland for the controversial Urban Shield war games conference. Mother Jones' Shane Bauer has been roaming the conference's showroom floor, where drones that "drop stuff 'like the Hunger Games'" and "keep calm and return fire" shirts are sold. He also found that Silicon Valley's hottest startup is footing part of the bill.

It's true. "Everyone's private driver" is listed as a platinum vendor sponsor amongst weapons and armored vehicle manufacturers.
Uber Is Now Sponsoring a Police Militarization Conference
Uber sponsoring a police conference itself wouldn't be particularly unexpected—as the "$18.2 billion" startup has come under fire by regulators across the globe, currying favor from local cops could help build needed support within local governments.

 And a company executive recently joined the Department of Defense's Defense Business Board. 

 However, as Urban Shield's 2012 retrospective video shows, it's not simply a police conference, but also a training program:

   "Urban Shield is funded largely by the Department of Homeland Security," Oakland North reported of last year's event. All told, Urban Shield received $1,537,500 from DHS in 2013 for "materials, equipment, supplies, local transportation, and overtime personnel costs." 

    The annual training conference was also credited as being "essential" in sculpting Boston's response to last year's Marathon bombing—a response that has been widely criticized for its excessiveness.

     It isn't clear why Uber is sponsoring a conference that offers "critical training 4 critical times." And they have not responded to our request for comment. But it certainly keeps in line with Uber's tone-deaf marketing shtick of pissing everyone off.

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SFAwareness Group Moderator Note:

The Above Excerpt is Dedicated to All Women and Men Harmed by Renegade Operations like Uber and Women In Uniform Who Have Been Assaulted By Men In Uniform Everywhere -- and to The Honorable Mr. Shane Bauer, for his courage to write and speak truth to power, from our homeless shelters and streets of San Francisco to all points abroad.


 Women Beware !  You KNOW how 'widespread' abuse and rape of women in the Military and Industrial Complex and Banking For Profit Industries, Social Realms, Circles and Offices, Right ?

   BE SAFE and DO NOT TAKE SO-CALLED RIDE SHARE RIDES because UBER is now ALIGNED with the Military Industrial Complex. 

   The mentality of using intimidation, force and abuse as a means to acquire wealth, power and status in these business-social power block circles is based upon lying, cheating, stealing and using your ignorance against you, to harm you and take your money out of your local communities.

      UBER is not only sponsoring this mega conference, but many suspect it's likely they're becoming a front operation being used to plunder your local community because they control prices you have to pay them to be driven (short distances you can walk yourself or take a cab. -- there is no real 'saving time' in dense residential cities like ours) and MOST OF THE FARES YOU PAY LEAVES SAN FRANCISCO or your town and goes towards buying mansions for the elite.

   Any woman that takes a ride with a non-regulated stranger with no assurance of how much of a risk it is, is nota very wise thing to do.   Lose a life or waste hours to fix an overbilling by Uber, to save 10 minutes of travel time for what  ?

    Only because you lack time management or planning skills to insure you can walk and bus and taxi anywhere you need to, save money and keep more cash flows local.

    Met a woman last night that is so hooked into fantasy of convenience that she commits to doing too much, uses Uber all the time (which she admits costs her more) and now, she's so far in debt she needs to leave town to afford to commute into town to work.

    It's MADNESS!  If she walked and biked and took taxis, instead of unkown priced Uber, she'd have the extra $200 a month to ba able to live here.

   Once folks get sucked into text device app world, they click too much and move too fast,  and spend too much until they realize they can't afford to be here... they 'run' fast here on a NY Speed Vibe (that's wholly inconsistent with our pace and vibes) only because they didn't reach out to locals, learn all the shortcuts to being able to 'afford' to be here -- how to live here.

     In contrast to these 'pushed & lured' here newcomers, the 'runaways' who came here in the past came here to learn from the most advanced (200 cultures over generations in 49 square miles produces a population that has lots of culture, information and news available on any given day that other limited exposure cities get in a year) people who lived here and added to our lives here.

    Today's newcomers, trying in recent news articles to 'akin' themselves to being here as hippies, etc., but they are not akin to anything but what they've been programmed into their heads by east coast and texas wizards, who sent them here to disrupt and destroy our communities, local identities, cash flows and resources to enrich the elite, period. 

     if you change your bad sheep trained habit of using 'modern' apps for convenience that steal cash flows and wreck existing lives and systems that work fine, once you learn them and stop being afraid all the time.

     Always being 'rushed' into tthese fantasies and conveniences (giving elite your location, personal details, habits, percent of every transaction) that only enrich the elite, is not cool.   Our locals walk slow and think and act to do what we choose to do, either from the 'choices' presented to us or if we reject those, we invent our own choices.

   Newcomers 'do as they are told' or only choose options from what they already know.   They are not here to learn from us, they are here to carry out the will of others to change us to their liking or force their short sided ideas (we've been through decades before) onto us to prove they are right and modify our traditions, laws, behavior and conduct to suit their 'plan' for us in their minds.

    So, new is often not better, its riskier and takes away cash flow from your local communities.

   UBER like many other lowest (read: cheapest) expense- megaprofit models have been in our city before and like other money grubbers before them,  their harms to us can only last so long until they expose themselves to be aligned with the military elite mentalities that are killing OUR PEOPLE on OUR STREETS TODAY.

Please BOYCOTT all Corporations that operate outside the law or that support the wicked monsters in power that live luxurious lifestyles built upon the blood of our people in the street and in our communities and abroad in their wars for oil, money and power.

**  Many of you (especially newomers brought here for 'business' are like children and you'll likely continue to let your wishes for convenience stop you from doing the right thing and until you suffer, you won't understand the seriousness of your place in the world today and your role in our communities.

**  Those of you who hear and understand these issues as adults must take all actions necessary to divert cash flows (out of your pocket or under your control) away from for profit banks like Chase and corporations like Uber that support Tyranny and Fascism and Men that Rape Women More Often Than Most All Other Groups Combined.

** Move your money to Locally operated, nationally supported Community Credit Unions. 

** Use known REGULATED Public Transit, especially in tiny breadth cities like San Francisco, where Ride Shares do more harm than good and with smart, calm planning, you can walk and rent a car once a month to do more, excercise more and spend less.

** Don't Be Alone.   Some cops are so hyped up on drugs or liquor or 'the bad ass' lifestyle they are in fact, Trigger Happy. 

** Spend more real face time with your pets, babies, family and loved ones and neighbors than you do with your petro-chemical hand held consumer devices.   Your family and pets will love you more for it and not 'act up' later because of cell phone abandonment issues.

** Stop spending most of your money to benefit global corporations that steal local cash flows.

** Deprivatize.  Stop supporting privatized corporate-government services that TAKE cash flow and resources away from your communities to benefit the elite who fund the wars and big pharma and prison syndicates.

     As you Check this out remember -- SF City Leaders, like Mayor Ed, Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (run, ed, run with enrique), leave-you-to-die-in-a-city-hall-bomb-threat Lee SUPPORT & FAVOR Uber and other high tech renegade cash flow thieves, to our great risk, loss, detriment and peril:

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Stay Safe!

SFAwareness Moderators and peers at El Cafetazo in the MIssion registering voters and blogging real life stories of folks being gentrified by global corporations supported by misguided local leaders in government.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

SF ELECTION 2015- Candidates For Mayor-Board of Supervisors and Others Updated Here

      As of today, Friday, May 29, 2015 (Unconfirmed Report:  24 Candidates in Running for Mayor of San Francisco -- Monday May 18, 2015, Sunday May 17, 2015, it appears we now have more folks interested in running for positions in our San Francisco Election 2015 and 2016.   

       Many say this is due to several recent Historical Events (occupation of City Hall by Mission Residents, arrest of Enrique Pearce, conduct of Mayor Lee during alleged perjury and bomb threat leaving all to die like a pure coward or huckster, Visa Sales by officials and former officials resulting in tens of thousands of foreign students and workers ported into 4x market rate housing financed by Banksters like Chase Bank and much, much more), and so we now have many older, wiser and otherwise honest candidates springing up all over our great city.

   We love diversity, so the more the merrier.

   We also noticed that good local independent media may not know and known foreign owned (i.g. NYC) local media channels will likely NOT report to you about many Registered Candidates who are in the running in this 2015 Election for many seats and positions inside our local and state governments that YOU need to be aware of.

  For instance, we know of Two TWENTY TWENTY FOUR (Unconfirmed) Candidates for Mayor in opposition to current Mayor Edwin Lee and others are now (thinking or planning  on) registering (in 2016 and beyond) for Board of Supervisors and other important decisions that will turn the tide in favor our humans and our local residents if we all stay informed and get as many folks as possible running for each position.

  We will update this page as we learn of each new Registered Candidate and give you all links to anything we find that helps YOU make an informed decision every time you go to the Voting Polls. 


         A.  Dr. Karla Gottschalk - Registered Mon - May 11, 2015 - SF Party


      B.   Ms. Amy Farah Weiss - [ As of: 05/18/2015 1:30p ]

           Mentioned Here in Express Magazine: 

  Complete List of 20 Candidates For Mayor of San Francisco, 
  as of May 18, 2015 - 3:15pm at SFGOV: 

  Wheeee!  Big Gunfight At The OK Corral this November in San Francisco and as of today, with more to come, Mayor Lee is Outgunned about Twenty To One. 

    Hahahaha.....  All Ideas of The People of San Francisco Is Going To Rain Down On Us All Based On Integrity, Substance and Recent Conduct That Reduces Harm and Loss of Life and Prosperity and Inherent Values of our People and Our City Again ! 

  Listen to All Elders.  And don't vote until the last day possible so you don't miss late breaking campaign finance and contribution news that comes out only a few days before election day.

  Sign handwritten Petitions here at El Cafetazo Cafe (we'll keep almost any candidate's PETITIONS with us to help you all) and in the hands of other Candidates and their volunteers, all around the city, RIGHT NOW to HELP GET EVERYONE INTO THE RUNNING FOR ALL POSITIONS IN GOVERNMENT.  

      You can vote later in November for anyone one person per seat, but we need ALL VOICES at the table and it only takes your signature on everyone's petition to be A Registered Candidate, whether you like them right now, know them right now, or not. 

     You know we want everyone at the table now, hear their talk, review their conduct over past decade so we make the best decision possible AND no one can whine later about not having been at the table or had their voice heard by all.  

  Steer clear of NY controlled 'local' mass media. 

Tune In To Local Independent, Trusted Media and Information Sources Like:

 KALW Radio ( ),  Your Call Radio With Rose Aguilar (, SF Public Press ( and others on local SF Stations we love:  KPOO,  KPFA and news from the Coalition on Homelessness SF Street Sheets, whew !!   




J. Leonard and peers at El Cafetazo Cafe, Registering Voters and Chatting with Dr. Karla Gottschalk, potential candidate for Mayor of San Francisco. 

   We joked yesterday about someone doing 'Anyone For Mayor But Lee Campaign' because of what we saw go down against our beloved Eliana Lopez and her husband, duly elected Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.  

  You can see Eliana 'Act Out' the Roles of those who participated in what we call an expensive, childish witch hunt by Mayor Lee who spent $2 Million to build a case to destroy Ross, that never really existed in reality. 

   Eliana will express it all, as great latinas do on stage at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts', starting with The Premiere on May 29th, 2015. 

 For More Details: 

posted by:   
J. Leonard
SF Community Advocate 


Check back to this page often as we update it DAILY.

Email Info On Candidates, for better or worse, to:    SFBaySurf@Zoho.Com

    Thank you and keep your eyes open and spirits high as we all take back powers and benefits from the corrupted back to our selves, as free citizens and our local communities, for the common good and our mutual protection in the abscence of good government.

Volunteer Moderators for The SFAwareness Group (c)2007-2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The People of San Francisco's Elders Are Taking Back Power To The People in 2015-2016 Bravo!

We all know its long overdue.   The Elite have been dividing us for two centuries, by external forces, affects and 'labels' (i.g. based on snapshots of a person that don't tell the whole story; demonization of plants like cannabis and people in mass media channels and outright childish name calling of messengers of real life, truth and fact) that has finally resulted in a few historically critical results, to wit:

     (1)  Four out of Five Americans no longer trust government because of systematic, cyclic, revolving doors of corporate-government corruption.  Their local police, sheriffs and deupties, security companies, city guides and ambassadors and national guards have been 'intimidated', coerced, co-opted, programmed, militarized and mechanized against us all, which we've all experienced or witnessed by now.   Moving harmless folks around and making  profit by every forced movement of free people.  It's insane.

    (2)  The People of 3,000+ Counties are now fully aware of most of the tricks, frauds, tactics and negative affects, past, present and planned - of The Elite and are taking action everywhere, to exert local powers to take back the corrupted powers for the sake of their own local people and environments, waterways and lands.

    Live Free or Die Doing Right Time -- For Us All.   Tyranny is Dead.  You can't tell us what to do any longer.   Your dreams of glory and god power is dying.  Our dreams of new life and bright futures is just beginning, because our people now stand up, speak up and take back powers -- for ourselves, as humans first.

    Exposure of crime and de-privatization and the blocking of bad acts like fracking, et al. are taking place county to county;  and corrupted state legislatures are trying to pass state laws to stop locals from their inherent rights to self determination and no taxation without representation.   It's The People versus Known Traitors, now.

   (3)   25% of our people and over 50 Million families, homes, cars, children, communities and public and family resources were divided, taken and crushed by The Elite under the massive frauds of Cannabis - Hemp Prohibitions and faux Drug Wars for over 80+ years.

      Most of The Elite wealth of the past century, was as the Honorable George Galloway, M.P. says... in a form of stinging barogue accent (to us) 'was built upon A Pack O' Lies.  A Pack O' Lies told to the American People and World that Your Congress allowed to happen.  Because of You, millions of innocent people have died.  You, Members of Congress are the ones with Blood on your hands...' or something like that ! :)  

   You can find it on YouTube ( search: George Galloway Committee Oil Food ):

      Here's a Full Length Version of the Shaming of the out-of-touch Congressional Committee being 'called out' for allowing a Nazi Bush Family Extremist to wage an illegal war that killed millions of innocent lives, cost trillions during a time of record job loss, home loss and incarcerations in the U.S. 

   Galloway warned us all, and puts these ignorant, corrupt members of Congress, To Shame!  

  Watch Now or use this URL to paste into your favorite YouTube Downloader.: 


      Now, we have all kinds of diverse folks connecting to each other and our elders and folks of all ages are united in San Francisco to make our city much better than ever before and empower our residents to derive maximum use, control, benefit and prosperity from themselves, their collective creative energies and merging today with long time tested principles and wisdom from our elders to make the right future for us all. 
   I wish you all the best in this year's election and every one that follows.  If you all show up, speak up and participate in these shifts back to localized power, then is shall be our common reality for the common good of us all.

Peace and Good Cheer!

J. Leonard 
SF People's Fraud Task Force Blog Moderator

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