Saturday, December 20, 2014

What Do I Want Most For Christmas ? Honest Elections in 2015 and 2016 Without Diebold Fraud Machines

By SFAwareness Group, San Francisco, CA, Sat Dec 20 2014 -

If you've been paying attention to how Diebold Machines and other tricks and devices are used to alter Election Results -- then you know that unless we get rid of for profit, privately owned Voting Machines, we can't have a fair and honest election.

Check out these articles to gain better understanding of How Frauds work and discover what you can do to blow whistles and expose fraud wherever you find it.


 1.  The Election Fraud Blog -

 2.  Mathematical Proof that TV Network Exit Polling data is FRAUDULENT -
 3.  State by State: Voting Rules and Restrictions -


These are but a few examples.

Monday, December 15, 2014

How Many Uber Drivers Are in San Francisco ? Research Poll-Public Safety Task Force

How Many Uber Drivers Are In San Francisco ?    If this were a properly licensed and regulated people moving service, all of us would have access to all driving, incident complaint and accident record involving the movement of people on public & private roads.

This is why it costs more to use taxis.... but, if one needs to check up on cabbies, there are publicly available records, being licensed as a public transit service.
Click on Photo To Go To The Poll on
With Uber, Lyft, you and I have no idea how many, who or how many complaints or accidents are being caused by their drivers, because its a privatized cheap service operating as a valuable, verifiable public transit service.... a biz model doomed to fail.

  That's why we have regs to stop these kind of cheaters from starting businesses without full respect for existing conditions, people, laws, businesses and regulations and their intent because they don't care.

   They do this for money over a time window of opportunity, until its about to fail or get too expensive to operate safely and legitimately, then they bail with all the cash and leave all the victims, employees, stockholders, pension holders behind, as they move onto to their next target market area, in your community or town soon.

  We created a Poll on the cool, ad free Social Network Site called Seen.Is (in iceland).

Help us answer this Research Poll to find out our collective best guess as to how many actual Uber Drivers are in San Francisco.   Thank you for your help...

SF Traffic Safety Task Force for the SFAwareness Group

Wednesday, December 10, 2014



San Francisco, California - A local cannabis patient advocate was following along a U.S. Postal Worker, who was crossing over Valencia Street, to deliver mail on his route.

 Cars headed southbound, in the 400 Block of Valencia Street, slowed down, waved us to cross.
  A new, Large Black SUV, was seen headed for us at high speed (approx. 35-45 mph on dense, residential street), coming from the south (from 16th Street towards 15th Street).
As Posted on Seen.Is - Secure, Ad Free Social Network

    And as he (Black SUV Uber Driver) saw us in his path,  he appeared to speed up and stuck his middle finger up against the driver windshield, grinning like the Devil himself... totally out of control and in some fit of rage or complete lack of care for anyone’s safety, including his own.

  He really terrified us.    Others walking who saw him, were outraged.  You could see him and that U for UBER badge in his windshield, just so happy to have local pedestrians in front of his big, black SUV.

  This happened right after 12 noon, at about 12:12PM, today, less than an hour ago. 

 Until Chase bank moved into town in force and all these lack of regard for local laws by these newcomer corporations and techies, our lives have become dangerous.
Seen.Is Search- Boycott Uber
    In the past decade, up to about 2 years ago,  no one in this part of the mission district had any problem with conflicts because everyone has a reason to cross the streets, at will, to avoid hazards, bad people, bad cops, bad store owners.

 And due to other things like mental illness, drug useage (recent stats say Seven Out of Ten Folks Here Are Now On Big  Pharma Drugs) but the majority of our locals didn’t use cars much and when we did, we never honked much or got mad at delays because tomorrow, we may have to cause a delay, and that keeps us safe. 

 Newcomers, being lured into and packed into our city with too many cars and now outlaw drivers, underpaid, underinsured employed in about to fail business models are not just an inconvenience. 

 They steal our space, enable Chase to jack all housing up 4 Times normal rates;  evict all classes of local residents, businesses, mom & pops and children into the streets who built this city and made it what it was before all these ‘actors’ were imported here to drive us all down & out of our own city.

These drivers operating under shaky biz models are causing real harm to us every day now.   Hell, they killed a young, six year old girl this past month, didn’t they ? 

   It’s just like when Domino Pizza Drivers began to crack and started to drive more and more wreckless as their illegalities and shit hit the fan. 

Same cycle repeated over and over onto new waves of naïve or pre-channeled young minds who in their defense are just trying to get by any way possible, but nonetheless, they are being used as weapons against us...

    I mean, who in government lets a product be sold that results in more than 1.6 Million Accidents on our roads from coast to coast, in a single year....

Wow!  One point Six Million Accidents caused by distracted drivers.  That rivals all other causes of accidents combined (i.g. DUI’s, Weather, Car Defects) which are Ipods, Iphones, Androids in the hands of Drivers of Cars, Vehicles and Baby Buggies.

   Who are all distracted (but don't think they are) to the point of being neglectful of the responsibility to us all, to NEVER be out of control or distracted while operating vehicles that maim and kill in split second, on any given day, at any given time, for any number of existing real life reasons & causes.

Well, we told some bikers and asked them to bike ahead and get this Out Of Control Uber Driver’s License Plate Number and shoot him with video so we have a record.

   In fact, we’re going to start an new Task Force, just to monitor and document how much damage and death is already being caused by Uber and other similar, renegade, new wave criminal enterprises to us all.

We say criminal, because those in charge should have known, by looking back at the history of all similar start up model’s eventual fates, that using their current biz models when everything is minimized like a nazi engineered rocket, they even set aside budgets to pay for anticipated FUTURE HARMS & LOSSES they know their biz model creates... mayhem, pressure, conflict with locals, preventable accidents and tragedy... all planned and prepaid for, hidden from the view of mass media and the investors that control them...

It’s a shame to see a great city change, only because of the presence of outsiders, who obviously care more about money and power, than safety and people’s lives.

s/James - Moderator SF San Francisco Cannabis Patients Union - SF CPU


Also: Click Here:

Pic #2 Above -  1. This Story & Photo on Seen.Is -

Pic #3 Above - 2. Search Result on Seen.Is for words BOYCOTT UBER - 

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

49 Alternatives To Facebook- & are Secure Social Sites in Iceland. WE LOVE THEM BOTH! #Leavingfacebook #byebyefb

Day After Election Day - Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - #Leavingfacebook #byebyefb

   A BIG Congratulations to everyone helping us to find New Alternative Social Network and Group Web Sites that are not commercialized and intrusive (i.g. facebook, google+, others).

https://www.lifeknot.comWe're finding LOTS OF ALTERNATIVES where we can feel safe, be more productive and focussed on what really matters to us;  and not be burdened or distracted by all the charming stuff the for profit & control concerns online want us to be, for their benefit, not ours.

We started with a list of 49 Alternatives to Facebook and established our first "primary' anchor site on - as our first stop to freedom & privacy our way.

 Then as time passed, we came across the most awesome, ad free, secure site called - located in Iceland. is made for people and groups who wish to connect in a non-intrusive, non-commercial environment with secure email and voice, text, video chat and file
sharing and group building. 

  Unseen has apps, and currently requires most browsers
to be near up to date, and there are some Tor issues (may
have to do with common use of Firefox 27.0+ versions) but it works well, once you have it together.

And take heart, our techs have been working with their techs to hammer out making sure 'technology' on the cutting edge, does not cause us all to drop off or stop using Unseen.

   So, the future looks bright if they listen to us, otherwise we'll go find other secure spots that don't change every 90 days.... like the ones we're all trying to escape from, in the first place.

           Many of us are tired of having to update every browser, every operating
           system, patches, fixes and new hardware to keep up with basic social 
           network and file sharing sites in non-commercialized, ad free environments.

          Environments that we control, not vice versa.

So we can spend more time using existing technology than we do making burdensome changes and learning or down time that stops our flows and ability to stay connected, on a realiable, consistent basis.   

We and our peers are there on (and many folks on the same paths as we are from around the globe and San Francisco already), in addition to

UNSEEN.IS's MORE PUBLIC TWIN SISTER SITE:   SEEN.IS is Unseen's Sister site that is made for more private, but outwardly public presence and social networking online, with ability to set up groups, forums, chat areas and even Classified ads in a no-ads or personal data collecting environment.

      Both are ideal for anyone who wants to be free of burdens, privacy intrusions and
data collection activities on for profit web sites that even have government defense
contracts and resell data to foreign security forces and intelligence and job screening concerns around the world. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

San Francisco PG & E Truck Collides with Car on 16th Street-Mission District. No Injuries. Cell Phone Driving?

Tuesday Oct 7, 2014 - 11AM PST - Mission District - San Francisco, CA
About an hour ago, (10am this beautiful Tuesday morning) we were standing out front of El Cafetazo having a smoke.  

We noticed a white Pacific Gas & Electric Van parked in the No Parking-Construction space at corner of 16th Street & Rondel Place (between Valenica & Mission, directly across from Mission Bank).     

Not sure if he was working or picking up a burrito at Pancho Villas (many city workers park in the Red Fire Zone and block the alley to 'run in' and pick up food at Pancho Villas because there is NO parking often due to Valet Parkers for upscale restaurants who STEAL MANY SPACES for hours at a time, rotating client vehicles which means no locals can park near local mom & pop's -safely- to pick up food - as we all could a couple years ago, before this community destroying gentrification scheme went into effect) or not, but he was parked in a space marked No Parking for Construction Zone, in the first place.

This PG&E Van started to pull out, a bit sharp & fast, of where it was parked. 

We could not see if he was on his cell phone or not.   The Security Officer at the Mission Bank across the street may have seen as he is on the look out for unsafe drivers in this zone, as we are.

At that moment, we saw a small red car coming down 16th in the same direction, travelling at a normal rate of speed.  

Then we heard the crash and crunch, as the van tried to move out into the lane, as the other car was already in motion, approaching.   

We hate that area because there are tons of close calls every day, as uber, lyft, big fast trucks from dolores park construction crews (driving too fast, chatting on cell phones) converging fast. 

All driving bad, blocking traffic and it outrages drivers that causes them to break more laws & take more chances out of frustration.  

This is what unplanned, short sided gentrification and density increases gives your community. Chaos.

So, we went over and took pictures. 

 The P G & E Driver was stressed, trying to get others to agree with him that he had 'the right of way'... 

Which he may or may not have, but the way we saw it... 

Unless he was able to see the other car at a dead stop,  he should never have tried to 'beat the car out' if he even saw it at all.  

Since he said he 'had the right of way' it looks like he saw the car, moving down the streets and 'took' his right of way, by gunning up the engines and tried to cut off the approaching car.

The woman's car, the red one, was in a perfectly straight line, on the proper side of the double yellow, yet his van angle is VERY SHARP and a bit of a distance from where he started out from. 

 So, it looks like he did not see or did not care about the approaching car.

Here are the pictures..  Looks like she (red car) was in motion -before- the van pulled away from the curb... likely she was in a 'blind spot' or perhaps one or both drivers were on their cell phone, ipod of other Distracting & Deadly Device -right before- or -during- the impact.

Have a safe day!

Anonymous Poster on SFAwareness Group

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ello is a Real Social Network Site, not a personal data reseller, like Facebook. #leavingfacebook #byebyefb

Ello!  Is a new true Social Network site we found, as we've been going down our list of 49 Facebook Alternatives.    This new site does not care about your personal data, they aren't into tracking your movements online and do not rent or sell personal data about you.

Check this site out as we all go on down the list of 49 Facebook Alternatives we need to continue our social network activities without being spyed on or told what to post or what name we're allowed to use to self identify our individual or group postings with.

It's all about the veracity and value of our messages, not the appearance or name of the messengers.  And being free to speak and share ideas without being tracked like a commodity.

Here's an excerpt from the Ello dot Com's Manifesto: social network
Screen Shot of

Your social network is owned by advertisers.

  Every post you share, every friend you make and every link you follow is tracked, recorded and converted into data. 
   Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads.   You are the product that’s bought and sold.

We believe there is a better way.

We believe in audacity.    We believe in beauty, simplicity and transparency.

We believe that the people who make things and the people who use them should be in partnership.

We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce and manipulate — but a place to connect, create and celebrate life.

You are not a product.

Awesome!   Check them out here!

#leavingfacebook #byebyefb

Note:  Until we pick our final not for profit or privacy invading social network sites to replace our facebook page(s),  you can find us on on our first anchor site at 

Link to sfawarenessgroup on lifeknot.comAs we explore the 49 more alternatives, we'll post new alternatives tested at our site (shown here in the picture).

 We encourage EVERYONE to get a primary base site there, as we move onto new alternatives to Facebook. 

On - We're here:

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

SF's Masking Tape Art on Sidewalks is ART, not GRAFFITTI ! Get real on this...

Tuesday - September 2, 2014 - San Francisco, California - Mission District


For the past several years, we've been studying art and graffitti all over our city.  We watch and see how folks react when they 'see' the messags posted everywhere.  

   Most agree that any mark or writing that they can't read or understand or any 'picture' drawn that is too vague or doesn't inspire us or motivate us to think, do or be better today, than yesterday falls into the graffitti category.
Often folks who tag their own names or other messages only for themselves or tiny groups is not considered art, per se.   It's graffitti.

  Also, when folks use permanent chemicals, scratches or paint on other people's property, buildings and has no political statement, protest or helpful message for the masses - its also considered graffitti.


     And it is destructive of property that other people have to pay for cleaning and fixing, who often don't have several hundred bucks lying around to pay city ordered cleaning costs every couple weeks. 

    We came across some of the best messaging, thought provoking and valuable ART WORK in the form of the use of non-permanent  chalk or masking tape to express one's self on our public sidewalks. 

   Unfortunately, we had a nice 19 year kid doing colored dust chalk (removable, easily washed away with water) on the sidewalks, but one day, he was beaten down brutally, by the former owners of K & H Liquors on 16th Street & Valencia in the mission.

  In that case, the old man (known to be violent on many occasions without provocation or just cause) came out of his liquor store, punched from behind (on the kid's back) and kicked him under his belly while the kid was simply expressing art with chalk on a public sidewalk.  

 The asian S.F.P.D. Patrol Officer (Chan? - who responded just like a robot)  REFUSED to listen to or take a report from the person who called the assault in or from outreach  volunteer from the Mission SRO Hotel Collaborative - wearing an S.F. Department of Public Health Badge for Outreach Work who saw the whole thing.  

 His utter lack of any sense of truth or justice and in doing right by the teenage boy, really disgusted us.

   That transgression of victim's rights and neglect of duty by that officer have been well documented in year's past. 

 Anyway, we digress. 

 Biased, hate filled control freaks & art haters are but one small danger of doing cool, safe, fun street and sidewalk art. 

     Mean, angry, hateful control freaks who THINK they own the sidewalk and have the right to use brooms, mops, fists or uniforms & badges to PICK ON folks in criminals ways.

 Beating on folks whose only crime is to share the art they express to improve our communities.

   When it comes to this 'SF Masking Tape Art' on sidewalks... it's truly amazing.

      We've witnessed hordes of TOURISTS SPENDING MONEY HERE gawking and snapping shots of this art work with great pleasure and amazement. 
   They actually repeat the phrases aloud and start sending text/photos to their friends, families and social networks. 

  We've seen tourists, locals and newcomers come back often to see the messaging change and they bring their friends with them. 

   Wherever eLVis CHRiSt posts his puzzling, goofy, enlightening & game changing 'thoughts' and unique phrases in and out of context, folks keep flocking back to see more and when they do, many of them buy coffee, indian food, pupusas and tacos at the LOCAL ONLY spots where he's been doing his posts at.    

  This means more people stop, look, share and spend money at and around our mom and pop spots like El Cafetazo Cafe;  Panchita's #2 Pupuseria on 16th Street & La Cumbre Tacqeria, Muddy Waters Cafe on Valencia and both the Indian/Pakistani Restaurants on 16th & on Valencia.   


We caught one 'local' who said he's lived here for more than ten years, trying to tear up the masking tape art and we asked him to compare it to the unreadable scrawls with permanent paint on the walls of local shops.  

  We asked if he KNEW THE DIFFERENCE between graffitti (that costs us money, causes harm and doesn't value to the public and is hard to get rid of) and STREET ART (which is done with non-permanent paint/chalk, has messages and value to the general public, and is done on public spaces, not on private property).  He did not... he insisted this wonderful art was graffitti.  

  He went away mad because he is LOCKED INTO IGNORANCE & HATE which makes him attack anything he does not like and label it graffitti and his type always want what they want and do not care about what is really important, helpful or valueable to the rest of us.

Support Art in public spaces in all forms.

All pictures posted remain the 2014 Copyright of a man we know as eLViS cHRiST of the mission district and san francisco, known for his art work for decades here.  All rights reserved worldwide.   

Use of these pictures in any For Profit purpose or promotion or for 'graffitti prosecution' schemes or 'evidence' are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

By David Ventura