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Federal RICO Charges - Real Estate Racketeering in Santa Cruz County - 2008 to 2013

This is about Real Estate Racketeering in Santa Cruz County - 2008 to 2013, to start.

     We're focussing on criminal rackets in Santa Cruz County to do with Fraud Foreclosures and misuse of power and use of force; intimidation; coercion; torture; red tagging of homes without just cause; false imprisonment; assault and attempted murder AGAINST our ELDERLY, disabled and poverty stricken or well off long time homeowners and neighbors.

     We're talking about hordes of rotten, greedy, illegitimate real estate brokers; agents; financiers all working in planned concert WITH corrupted and unqualified building, zoning and 'development' planners to 'tag homes and property' for any and all reasons possible, in order to steer the events into a forced foreclosure for non-compliance of their targeted tag violations.

     One of their favorite ploys is to hold the poor or elderly homeowners in county jail on trumped up charges while he or she is due in court for foreclosure proceedings.

       The Santa Cruz County Sheriff Deputies AND the county attorney FAIL to tell the judge the homeowner is in custody and the judges erroneously sign off on a bench warrant for failure to appear in Civil foreclosure court and/or sign off on default order to allow forced sale of property (or falsely submit claims as creditors, et cetera, based on Deeds of Trust paper, not titles and deeds...) while the poor homeowner is hidden in the county jail, incommunicado.

       It appears as if we need federal investigators from the FBI and others like the Internal Revenue Service need to focus on Santa Cruz officials, council members, planning department staff, county sheriffs, local and front banks and creditors for east coast major banks (like Chase, JP Morgan, who are the major fraudsters of our homes and original deeds and titles AND Deutsche, Swiss & China Banks who are victims of the MERS securitization frauds) who are trying to steal land based on bad faith paper. It's rampant.

       It's common fraud and happening in every county in the USA. 

      Right now, we're calling ALL HOMEOWNERS and FORMER HOMEOWNERS to contact California State Attorney General Kamala Harris' Office AND the F.B.I. R.I.C.O.
 or Financial Fraud Divisions.

    If you are afraid of retaliation,  ask her office to help you get a confidential reporter status or other protections for your identity and personal safety.

   Tell them your story of how various business & association interests, bank and mortgage; creditor; agents; local planning departments and county sheriffs have been working for decades - to steal our homes and lands without just cause or fair due process.  Now is the Time To Act !

       They are using preloaded schemes in which the homes the big developers and
banks want to unload their bad debt AND purchase the homes back again at auctions
by foreclosure by fraud.

     They (the little groups of bankers, realtors, bad sheriffs and county 
planners - working together as a team, meeting at cafes on their 
lunch hours...) have your family's homes sold before they even do 
any kind of inspection or red tagging because their only goal 
is to take the land by any means for big fat profits.

One guy involved in these ongoing frauds was overheard (at 
a local cafe where the sheriff deputies hang out across the street 
from where the crooked bankers and real estate agents are... ) 
saying, "Hell, we'll just bury them all with paperwork red tags to 
get whatever property we want.  This sure ain't my first rodeo. 

We're going to make a fortune from all these old people. Hahahaha.." 
    They care NOT about real public health, safety or law enforcement 
to protect our people, most in need. 

   They are thieves working together, using deception, fraud, force and 
violence for financial gains, pure and simple.  They are the corrupted, 
masking & posing as civic leaders and do-gooders and heros.  Pure fraud.

     It's all premeditated and pre-scripted from targeting lots no matter who lives there - to abuse, trumped up red tags - up to police beatings, torture on the fast track to false imprisonment & public auction, from start to finish... 

    Hideous monster land grabbers!

     It's HAPPENING NOW to about 79+ Homes in Boulder Creek and others in Ben Lomond; Felton; Scotts Valley; San Lorenzo Valley...   Every homeowner & former homeowner needs to type up their true stories; copy them and send them to Our
California State Attorney General Kamala Harris and the F.B.I. now !!

    If you are in San Diego, you can contact your San Diego County Real Estate Fraud Department who has worked with our peers in the past to imprison crooked real estate
agent (member of the local yacht club, in fact) who was committing real estate fraud.

   Our computer geeks are going through all the records of of property sales and transfers going back ten years mixed in with all the records of the local players who are all part of a simple, yet well established group of folks using their powers in office and community prestige to STEAL ALL OF OUR LAND!

    Several Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Deputies; county workers
 and others have quit, left, resigned or transferred out to get 
away from these corrupt and violent little cartels - who are 
calling the shots for huge land grabbing profiteers.

 Lands owned for generations by families 
are being taken away - by their racketeering frauds. 

     Best targets are the elderly, disabled and anyone who can be persuaded into crimes or drugs or private property where people have Recreational Vehicles or RV's and cars that cause no real harm to anyone, but these criminals in public service use any thing to gain access to property to CREATE violations and later deny owners access to property to fix violations and when time runs out, they do forced foreclosure.

     All predicated on bad faith, illegal MERS processing, broken chain of titles and 'as is' deeds of trust which are used as ploys to steal the land.

      One method includes profiling of lands to be taken to identify if other agencies (such as C.P.S.) can be used in their schemes to trump up dangers to children that do not exist which enables government servants to otherwise illegally gain access to property and homes to either set up more violations and inspections or plant evidence to push the timeline up to force them out so the auctions can go on.


Tell everyone you know in Santa Cruz and the bay area. 

Show them this posting. 

Read this R.I.C.O. Racketeering, Torture and Elder Abuse Case Filing made last month in Federal District Court (in San Jose, 3:5 CV-000595) against all these 'players' who have been stealing land for decades, by any and all means possible.

Friggin Traitors! 

All people of all counties must UNITE NOW! Push back all of these little greedy racketeers (in your county and town) by Stepping up and Speaking Out and FILING against them all, now! 

    After you file a Complaint or Declaration (of what happened to you in clear language) with the Feds or our CA Attorney General Kamala Harris (our family girl from San Francisco who is very smart and hates greedy control freaks working against our communities and elder folks) link up with every foreclosure defense and fraud group you can and contact us here at sfhomeless on Facebook.

     You may also call and leave a voicemail with your contact information or send a Text Message to: (415) 449-1534, anytime.  Our Email Address:

     Please mention the word 'foreclosure' in your email, text messages or voicemails for a faster response.

     Our volunteers and peers are all over this stuff in Santa Cruz. We're making community support models you can use in your county, to wrap up all the corrupted predators and put them into state or federal prisons.

     We want every current or former homeowner of home renter who wants to help us document it all - to email us:  SFHOMELESS@ZOHO.COM to link up with our teams (or start your own teams with neighbors!) to document your story and get action happening to save your home and land or get your home and land back - by working as one community intent on justice, no matter what! 

      We've been overwhelmed by the dozens of homeowners we've already met but we want every single person harmed by these bastards to get on board so they can be present when all these greedy bastards get sentenced for their crimes.  You deserve that, at least.

   Had we not seen first hand how all these public servants, deputies and planners pull these million dollar deals off in concert, we never would have believed it ourselves. 

    Down below is the link to the actual filing against the powers that be (for now) in the County of Santa Cruz.

    Don't pay for copies of these by those third party document ripoff artists.

    Download the court docs for free, as we compile and post them for your use as possible templates to use in your particular case with your attorney. 

    If you have no attorney or have already been ripped off by the 'planted attorneys' who took your money and watched you lose without really helping you... let us know.

     We have friends and acquaintances... in high and low places with lots of talent who have integrity and a long history of NOT ripping off their clients, who are eager to help us all to win this whole war against the corrupted ones that steal from us all.

      Here's the link to the Federal Court Filing Document(s):

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KALW Program Guide

Must hear to believe this non-commerial local-global FM Radio Station's programming. They cover local issues of things affecting people locally, contact & connect decision makers locally, regionally, nationally and globally to Talk about what is really happening.

They produce a couple dozen of their own stations, and are non-commercial, grass roots radio, at its very best.

They are under the same pressure all truth seekers are and need our increased support, donations, input and protection to make sure we always get truth in our world, directly and as close to the source, as possible.

This does not and will not happen in for profit, commercial media clouds, which kept quiet while the current power monsters gained global controls, because mass media attended The Elite's meetings, but kept their mouths shut and never told us about their horrific plans for global control for more than 40 years.

Get your information from people who know and are not being paid to make up stories to benefit The Elite.

Stations like KALW and others around the world are here, for you, a human citizen of your community and our planet, which we share as a united community to stand up for what is true, right & good for our common defense, health, freedoms & prosperities for us all.

Click here often to see weekly program guides so you can choose what you wish to hear:

KALW Program Guide San Francisco, 91.7 FM or online podcasts available online.

Cheers! Get on the same page with truth!
SFHomeless Yahoo! Group Moderator

Monday, November 29, 2010


An Example of how we have all been fooled by this US Government - Private Banking Cartels who are all Traitors, Kidnappers, Torturers, Murderers & Thieves.

This is why Amnesty International & Other High Courts have ruled the U.S. Government Inc. is to be brought up on charges for War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity.

England is intent on arresting George Bush for his War Crimes along with the rest of his rotten money grubbing Krew.    The War Act of Congress REQUIRED Bush to go back to the UN to get permission.  Because his people had already wiretapped the UN Offices for China & Russia (as wikileaks now confirms, thank you!) and knew they were going to Veto the Invasion of Iraq.  So, he never went back to the UN.  He moved ahead with the pre-written script.

Bush's actions & later by Congress' Silence & Failure To Act In Accordance With Their Own Law;  makes them all Prime Suspects & Co-Conspirators in an illegal War that allowed them personally and as a group (with the military and private security contractors who cannot account for billions in funds every year) along with Global Banks & Big Oil, orchestrated the world's largest cover-up & scam involving Trillions of Dollars in contracts, with mass murder  as nearly 80% of all deaths in these illegal wars have been CIVILIANS (thanks again to Wikileaks for confirming that) so, they all should be Charged For High Crimes & Prosecuted for the mass murder under false color of authority.   This is Fact, Ladies & Gentleman.  

If you are a Sworn Public Official you have an affirmative Duty To Act to Protect Our People & Our Nation From ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN & DOMESTIC.  DO YOUR DUTY, NOW!   You will have the enlightened support of literally hundreds of millions of people around the world who fully understand the Crimes committed and will back you and your prosecution actions 100%.  This is Your Duty.

Monday, November 1, 2010

SF Giants Win! Carpet Baggers en route NYC -->SF And Latest Voter Info Premature Voters Missed!

   Giants won. Great!   San Francisco is On Top Again!   

We love baseball, football & soccer - the sports for people & affordable for all families - but when things get too corporate it's time to not be too distracted. 

Some of us would rather spend the evening in a small mexican pueblo watching the kids play football in the alley. The Family, together & community together is what is truly important.
 The Big Corporate Sponsors of today's sports games (which distract often) - own the corporations which harm us and this Corporate Game is now played by those who have never been without or been hungry or in great need of anything (but love, which their family's money as we have all learned, can never buy!) are best left to those that profit from it.   

  Millionaires helped the billionaires & banks make more mega bucks & we'll all proud of the (our?) team.        

  Enjoy The Sports but Watch Out For The Others Game !

ELECTION 2010 !    

 Could this win affect us all in San Francisco, in the real sense ?
    Perhaps now - lots more carpet baggers from the east and slicksters from the south, all high on cognac & vicodin cocktails, will move here to get a piece of our city... okay, wagon masters... prepare your wagons for incoming!

    We've already seen increased raids in rural areas on mom & pop, medical cannabis grows...   Heard tales of  R J Reynolds and all kinds of LLC (Limited Liability Company often used by mega-biz to infiltrate markets disguised as little people) buying up land for commercial use in rural counties.   Sounds like cops paid off of being pressured to level the playing field of ALL longstanding, nature lovers, care givers and growers of Our Natural Cannabis in order to Please Big Commercial Interests.  Otherwise known as Pandora's Box if you recall Laura Croft Tomb Raider Movies.  

 Once you allow these men, whom gave us Alcohol, Nylon, Petro-Chemicals, Candy Cigarettes, Cute little flavored bottles of candy Liquor which has cost our nation millions of lives, millions of dollars & gave these men new multi-trillion dollar empires based on Cancer, Death & Klean Up of the Massive Toxins they lay upon our soil, waters, lands, people, homes & air. 

We just learned about the latest.  BP = Baby Poisoners as we see test results of babies being born with Benzene Poisoning.  Thanks, BP !  Thanks, oBPama for Being Poisoners of your own people, lands, waters, fishies & babies.  

  The rest of you non-elite, less than 20 Million a year types, get back to work.... check out the latest info that many other premature voters never had a chance to see before they cast their slightly less informed votes before all the facts (the horses) were on the table (at the gate!). 

  Check This Out , You Timely Voters:  



Photos vis a 

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Whistleblower: BP Risks More Massive Catastrophes in Gulf - BlackListed News

BlackListed News !

More truth than cable tv... lots more on BP's coverups from the people on the inside who know.... and are courageous enough to share Truth with us all. Don't go here if you want to remain stupid, complacent & ignorant while the rest of us grow in truth, leaving the sheeple behind...

Excerpt (click on link above for Full Story Links):

Source: Truth Out - Jason Leopold
( )

A former contractor who worked for BP claims the oil conglomerate broke federal laws and violated its own internal procedures by failing to maintain crucial safety and engineering documents related to one of the firms other deepwater production projects in the Gulf of Mexico, according to internal emails and other documents obtained by Truthout.....  click here for more  -  ...