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Why would an SFPD Sergeant Practice Elder Abuse, in violation of human rights and common decency ? Sit and Lie Law.

Why would an SFPD Sergeant Practice Elder Abuse, in violation of human rights and common decency ?   

    This is about Individuals choosing to mis-apply power and laws only 'as written' without thought or reflection upon Duty to Constitution, Intent of the law and stated City, Public or Department policies and guidelines ?   

   This is about a law that Stands in Violation of Internationally Recognized Human Rights, called the Sit and Lie Law.   This is about Elder Abuse.   This is about power and control and drug, alcohol and psychological problems inside every town's police and every county's sheriff's department, as evidenced by this incident and others we've seen over the years.

   During today's encounter, we saw and experienced real life elder abuse, under color or authority, contrary to public policy and the promises made to us all, when police and city leaders told us it would only be applied as needed (for folks who are sitting and bothering others) -- not to be used on anyone we feel like, without just cause or complaint.

    Also, the medical cannabis laws, ordinances and police department policies are clear to not bother folks medicating, unless they are causing a harm, disturbance or breaking other laws (ie. not just cases where an elder attorney, sits with client where they live and socialize and have bankers and neighbors walk by seeing two law abiding residents being harassed by a uniformed officer in public).

   Here's what happened and we saw how easy it could be for a child to be shot only because the officer chose to bother folks not bothering anyone else.  He was looking for trouble and a child could have been shot or we could have. 

   That's why our blood pressure goes up when we're not bothering anyone and approached for no good cause by officers, who today, have reputations for beating, stealing and murdering and lying and fostering all kinds of hate and biases in endless streams of text messages.

   Today, our attorney was talking to us and we saw the CLOSED sign on Mission Hiring Hall across the street from the cafe where we hang out.   When we wish to speak in private without cafe security cameras and laptops everywhere, we walk or hobble across the street and she sits down on her $25 stool while I medicate on medical cannabis.   We do this usually when the hall is closed in front of inoperable windows, close to the alley so the smoke blows away from sidewalk.   We watch for kids and also watch others who may be harming themselves or others and keep medication on the down low, as we've been doing for generations now.

   This was the case today.   We were discussing legal matters and saw a strange man lurking at the door and then arguing with a woman they walked towards the bank and kept arguing which interuppted our legal chat.   Then an officer (Sgt. Petuya #1712) walked right past them, paying them no attention, spoke to some african american gentleman in the alley, then saw me and said, 'Hey, do you know that's against the law to smoke ?"

  I said, no.   As far as I know, smoking in front of inoperable windows is not illegal. 

  He said, 'No. I mean is that a regular cigarette ?' 

  I replied, 'no, it's medical cannabis (for my knee pain), and I don't know any just law that says I can't smoke outside for medical neccessity.'

  Then he turned his attention to my elder, lady attorney, resting on her $25 stool which she needs due to many causes that I'm not sharing publicly, as its no one's business, why any person, let alone a very old person has to justify sitting on their own stool to rest upon, not bothering anyone.  But, being bothered, by an expensive and often corrupted or deadly police officer and not a rookie, but a Sergeant, is a very bad, nerve wracking proposition not matter how  you look at it.  A person her age, one 'fall' down a stair could kill her.   Her blood pressure shot way up as mine did because this story got weird.

   As we were there, a young child about 8 years old, sneaked up on us --  while this Sgt. was harassing us and was 'hiding and playing' behind a wall of the alley that the officer could not see... I was terrified and tried to get the child to go away.

   The father was busy on cell phone not paying attention.   If that child had pulled out a TOY GUN, the cop, being apparently with a chip or under influence of drug, alcohol or mental impairment (for wanting to bother us for no reason and no complaint is abnormal) we could have all been shot dead.

  Think about it.  Our streets are packed. Tension everywhere. 10,000 extra unskilled drivers taking local cash flows, 4,000 local businesses folded this past year, 10,000 more new homeless and impoverished by high tech and bad city policy alone.  How much are we going to tolerate ?

   If John F. Kennedy's grandmother was on a stool resting, what officer in their right mind would even bother her ?   Then this Sgt. who by that rank should be very detail oriented (unless under an undue bias, influence or conditioning or mal condition) after checking her California State BAR Card and State ID, knew she was a she, kept calling her 'Sir.'

  So, we are calling for Mandatory Drug, Alcohol and Psychological Evaluations for all taxpayer paid law enforcement officers who carry lethal wepaons or this kind of 'nazified' apply all laws to all people mentality of the lowest order and the affects of elder abuse and abuse of all who are in need of rest will never end.

  Right now, her blood pressure is way up and we had to cancel tonight's legal meeting with the groups we came here to meet tonight.  I apologize to the members of the cannabis patients' union and the other clients who planned to meet up with us tonight. 

   I suspect we need mandatory testing and we need to have much more sensitivity training for these officers who are clueless about 'who' the should be wasting taxpayer time and money on and who not to.

   Folks bothering and endangering folks (as were the bad uber drivers all around us and the couple fighting and many other known, visible hazards that are violations of law around us that go directly to saving lives and reducing harm) are the only folks that laws should be applied to first. 

  After you remove all the renegade ride share drivers who cause real harm and all the folks who are on big pharma causing harm are in safe places then you can go hassle elders in peace sitting quietly if you must, but first you should be drug, alcohol and mental health tested while on taxpayer payrolls, because when you are out of conrol, innocent people go to jail and die, by your hands, not ours.

 Don't be petty or robotic in a world class city with real human beings who care and cause no harm.  It's almost always the folks who don't live here that come here to harm and steal from us all... living far away cops are no exception.  Easier to beat and steal from strangers than people in your own neighborhood.  

  J. Leonard, Client for K. Gottschalk, Atty.
  SF Community Advocate

Afterthought:  Folks who don't understand Elder Abuse or right to rest issues are often in denial and fall back on 'just doing my job' which is like an excuse as to why one feels a need to harass others not causing harm, in the first place.  Especially when our streets are filled with known dangerous distracted ride share drivers and others, en mass, all around us.

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How High Tech App Frauds (minimal biz models like Uber) Rise and Fall vis a Investors Government

Here's How High Tech App Frauds Rise and Fall vis a Investors, Government, et al. 

Shows how Investors jump into renegade businesses models, built to fail because they ignore all existing people, policies, practices, laws, rules and principles that everyone else had been living by, before the 'new' start ups came to town, to plunder all.

   Almost all disruptive technologies, new app tech firms or whatever 'solution providers' they call themselves by, it's all the same to the investors of New York, London City and China.

      Here's a chart showing how they do it, to any biz model, industry, geographical or demographical market area targets, over and over again.   Uber, Lyft and anyone who doesn't pay full fare for or play by the existing rules and practices others follow, it becomes a scam on a predictable timetable of life or viability.

      Deep investors (i.g. GE Finance, et al) KNOW THIS and are along for the ride as they did when they financed over 80% of all internet and 'new' high tech concerns of the 80's and 90's.   They just don't share their internal 'jump out before the inevitable crash' cycles follow through up to bail out time -- right on time Master Internal Business Plans -- with the outside world.

     Planned Obsolesence at the highest financial order.   Everyone else is bright eyed and bushy tailed... thinkin' these businesses are safe and great and going to last a long time and make us all rich... .hahahaha...... naivity of youth and inexperience is amazing these days.

    Once True Real World safety, regulations and operating and employee costs catch up to these short sided businesses (that harm us all and steal local cash flows until the end) the top investors will be long gone, onto their next build up, skim and take down scam.

     JP Morgan-Chase did a similiar tactic thing when they used a trojan horse CEO injected into star struck Washingont Mutual who promised to build them up... which he did, right before he 'sunk them' and took them down into takeover position for his real daddy's in finance in New York.

     WaMu customers LOVED that institution and most now hate Chase (who took them over) and others who have long histories of hideous fees, charges and business practices that enrich the elite at the expense of our people in need and communities from coast to coast.    Our peers prefer credit unions that keep money in the local community, under local use, benefit and control for the community, not greedy banksters who steal life and land for a living.

     Here's the Chart based on decades of observation from inside the major corporations who bankrolled, organized, funded and made fortunes by stealing local cash flow in cycles of 'wishful' high tech startup ventures that are built to fail:   


Life Cycles & Affect of New High Tech App Biz Model Frauds

For Higher Quality Copy Email:


Now 18 Cannabis Bills Pending-CA Legislature- Monopoly Schemes For The Elite-No More Bad Laws Please

          Monday, March 16, 2015 - Sacramento:   We just checked the legislative information website to check up on how many California State Bills (Laws) on Cannabis or Marijuana there were today and discovered there are now Eighteen (18) Bills pending for the 2015 - 2016 Session. 

18 Cannabis Bills Pending CA Legislature
       Some seek to overturn or gut out the laws Written and Passed by The People, Create Monopolies and Destroy Your Right To Assemble in Groups, Share Cannabis or have community collectives, et cetera or obtain Cannabis for free or at lowest cost possible.

       These are hostile corporate takeovers of Your Natural Human Rights disguised as good or money making or tax making laws.

   It's funny because we came across tons of new groups on Seen.Is and UnSeen.Is that have researched and discussed it all and have watched the money grubbers from New York and London City CREEP into and tread upon our natural human rights to access cannabis and hemp freely, as we've been doing for over 10,000 years with no great harm or risk to the public, at all.

    On ( a no-spy, no data collection, minimal ad social network site for a more seriously focussed and proactive network than Facebook or others we've seen, to date) :    

         And there's a

     And here's a New Blog for The San Franciscan and All Cannabis Patients, here:

      And here's the New Home for The SF Cannabis Patients' Group, here on

Voting Block 10,000 NorCal Patients
     And Finally, after seeing the elite write bad laws that kill our natural rights and our long time local collectives, we formed a Voting Block Group called 10,000 Cannabis Patients from Northern California, here on


Alliance To End Prohibition on No-Spy Network       

      Yet, the most corrupted Titans of Oil, Liquor, Pharma, Police Agencies, Judges, Courts, Prison Builders, Petro-Chemical Makers ALL INVENTED THE CANNABIS FRAUD IN THE FIRST PLACE.   

      They were Using Prohibition & Drug War Frauds and while you all were on narcotics or liquor,  they have arrested or incarcerated about 25% of All Adults for the past 80+ years.

     Had their frauds been prosecuted before now,  tens of millions of otherwise lawabiding, harmless residents would never have been targeted, demonized, beaten down, harassed, arrested, incarcerated and loss their homes, families, cars and personal wealth since 1934.

    The Elite who now write 'new' state laws in their vain and greedy attempts to maintain total control and power and most of the benefits of cannabis and hemp for their New Monopolies, agencies, taxing authorities and 'marijuana police'.   WHY ? 

    Why does anyone who is not abusing drugs or alcohol think it's okay to trust any state or federal government with anything to do with the long time, private affairs of adults and groups and collectives ?   

    Why pass more laws to allow them to do as they wish with cannabis because there is no legitimate authority, need or police power that can be claimed over your absolute right to use any safe plants from nature for any good purpose ?   


   82% ARE FOR POSSESSION.   This means men and women in power are using bad law to cause harm and injury to Millions Of Us Every Year, who have caused no wrong, posed no great threat to public safety.

  Their only 'crime' was using a relatively safe and well known common plant for a good purpose.    No harm to humans or one's self but it's common useage by all our people -- only threatens The Mega Profits of the elite.

    The Elite who want most of you to stay hooked on their poisonous liquors, narcotics and big pharma medicine, until THEY can con you all into passing more laws to give them more power, profits and controls over YOUR PRIVATE & COMMUNITY CANNABIS RIGHTS that existed long before they lied to us and imprisoned us without any just cause.

    They already BILL HEALTH CARE for like $900 a month for monster pills that only cost us $25 a month a decade or two ago.  Seven out of Ten Americans are on Big Pharma Drugs Already.  

     Their Costs in their For Profit health care and insurance systems have GONE DOWN over decades but hell, with unjust, criminal, Forced Obamacare  they now charge 1,000% or more for pills each month, that in many cases causes thoughts of suicide, violence, anger, sleep walking with or without staying up late to watch the murder, child abuse, mayhem and serial criminals on ION Television.  

     If they can, as it did in Colorado, they'll push cannabis you can grow for free up to more than $500 per ounce and make state and federal forced care systems, charge taxpayers for it all. This all enables the elite to steal all your local cash flows and taxes for their other privatization schemes, voucher schools, importation of more foreign workers and plundering of our towns from coast to coast. 

  We must strike down all laws that do not go to truly Protecting Public Safety.  

    Then we can focus all our collective energies and efforts towards targeting all man made, for megaprofit products (oil, toxins, pharma drugs that kill, liquor), practices (fracking, offshore - deepwater drilling, chemtrails, bio-weather engineering, privatization, hoarding of water for corporate resell) that all harm us, taint our water and destroy our lands and causes preventable, premature death and injury to millions of innocent people, instead.   


    The Elite's for profit 'stuff' (like putting 10,000 underpaid, underinsured, amateurs drivers into the most densely packed, pedestrian residential areas in the world) greatly harms us and injures and kills us, every day.

  Let's STOP wasting time on the private business of adults and communities to engage cannabis and hemp so that ALL STATE LEGISLATORS & CONGRESS MEMBERS can stop messing around for megaprofits.   

     And start to help us all to reduce, control, tax and profit if they choose priorities more wisely.    By focussing only on those issues, people, corporations and products that ARE MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAT ARE IN FACT, LIFE AND DEATH ISSUES FOR OUR PEOPLE AND PLANET.   

     After members of the San Francisco Cannabis Patients' Union and other leaders and members of collectives, dispensaries (at cost type) and all kinds of patient groups went to Sacramento last year,  to ask questions about the rights of patients and humans to access plants without government or corporate permission, registration, taxes, fines and fees -- we revisited the entire 'cannabis and hemp' history since 1934. 

    We took our research to our respective hubs, networks, groups and peers.   Once they saw the grand difference between 'Legalization' (passing more laws that drive up costs and enrich the elite & state) versus 'Ending Prohibition' (which returns all powers, rights, benefits to individual adults and local communities, period.) they started to think the entire affair out from start to finish.

   Nearly all of us are in Unified Agreement.   We want government and corporations to have nothing to do with our pre-existing natural human rights to cannabis and hemp, as it has been for over 10,000+ years, except for the time periods when these criminals lied to us and misused police powers, courts and the media.  

   They misused every power and permission to rule we gave them --  to destroy the lives of over 50 million of us, not to protect or reduce harm or save a life.  No, that is why we use cannabis in the first place, to reduce the harms caused by the elite's man made crap.  

  No, children of the earth.  These elite used powers and made up lies and spent billions in tax dollars to push you away from cannabis and onto their liquor, pharma drugs and into their mega profit tax, steal land and prison building systems for generations.

   They deserve no trust and no benefits that burden our personal and group non-commercial use of cannabis and hemp.  We have all woken up and seen the light.

  There is no going back now.

  That is what we want to say to all of our legislators and what we now want them to do instead of wasting time on more state law fraud schemes for the elite:

     Leave cannabis alone because last time we trusted you -- you mad fortunes by violating our human rights and you paid thugs with guns and badges to beat us, steal our homes and put us in prison before, for 80+ years and we can never trust you again with already safe cannabis.

     The collective, accumulative record of conduct and behavior of the Elite 400+ Families who run all these destructive, for profit industries spent billions of tax dollars to destroy the lives of over 50 million americans is very clear to us all now.   We have public, private, personal and government records, patents, archives and testimony to prove it all. 

    For generations you all lied, lied, lied to us, while you all planned, patented and banked on the day you all could switch over to become our new Cannabis Kings and Hemp Lords.   BASTA!   Your plans for our hemp and cannabis suck! 

   We are paying YOU in legislatures, governor's and mayor's offices to PROTECT US ALL FROM MAN MADE CRAP THAT IMPOVERISHES US, HARMS US AND KILLS US by the order and funding of the elite.   Is that Clear ?

    Study the 18 Pending Bills NOW.   As we may need Letters of Opposition written, as soon as possible, by all who value human rights and your right to access all nature's plants without government or corporate frauds, burdens, taxes or interference, once and for all:   

 Link To All Known Cannabis or Marijuana Bills Pending in California State Legislature:


   AND HERE:    MCLR 2016 Press Release Dated March 2015 -


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MCLR Press Release- Marijuana Legalization Effort in California Moves Forward for 2016

For Immediate Release  [ Partial Excerpt From Full Page of Release ]

Marijuana Legalization Effort in California Moves Forward for 2016

Advocates Build Consensus on Initiative Language, 
Open Call for Proponents

     San Jose, CA (March 11, 2015) Efforts to legalize marijuana in California in 2016 are gaining momentum. Americans For Policy Reform (AFPR), the group behind the Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014 (MCLR), is announcing the opening of the MCLR 2016 language for input from the community.

   The initiative will establish clear guidelines for Medical Marijuana and Adult-use Marijuana in addition to allowing for the production of industrial hemp in the state.
    “We have heard a resounding cry from leaders in the cannabis community saying they want MCLR in 2016,” stated John Lee, Director of AFPR. “We feel obligated to help.”

   In 2013, MCLR was developed as the first “open-source” or “crowd-sourced” method for advocates and experts everywhere to contribute directly to the language of California’s marijuana legalization law. It received an impressive fiscal analysis from the Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO), in addition to a highly favorable Title & Summary from California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

    “MCLR 2016 is now open for community input. We want to ensure everyone has another opportunity to address any concerns and contribute to the initiative,” said Mr. Lee.  “We also encourage all serious supporters interested in signing on as a Proponent to contact us immediately.”



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URGENT! Homeless Advocate LOST 7" RCA TABLET-Marx Meadows Sat 6p 3/7/15

SUN MAR 8- HELP!   REWARD!  Lost Used, 7" RCA Tablet ( RCT6378W2 ) of a San Francisco Homeless Group Advocate who was attending a Wake at Marx Meadows at Golden Gate Park on Saturday afternoon.  Lost the Tablet on way from Marx Meadows to N Judah and Mission District.   Has lots of homeless case work on it that can't be replaced.

  Looks kind of like this photo, but has a tiny red sticker covering up the camera hole.  Case is loose and it shuts off suddenly sometimes as its been dropped many times.

   See Craigslist Lost & Found Ad Here for Contact Details:

   If it's not returned soon I'll have to do a police report and use remote control access to locate it, lock it down and disable it permanently until the police techies locate it.  I'd much rather not do all that, so please consider returning it.

CALL OR TEXT IF YOU SEE IT:   1 (415) Four Four 9-1534

Friday, March 6, 2015

One Big Conduct Behavior Diff SF Locals vs Not-From-Here-Techies-For-The-Elite Research Found

Fri Mar 6, 2015 -  Our teams have been overhearing many techies 'chat' (over the past 4 years) as they take over wifi space in cafes (running several high speed laptops and devices at once --  too cheap to rent offices for their For Profit activities, classes, etc.)  and other public spaces.  

    We see them CLUTCHING their Hand Held Devices as they walk, drive and stand in a trance at cash registers; condiment tables (in everyone's way... unto their own egos and needs, not of those around them) being a 'cut off' unrealistic hazard to all around them and not 'being here now' like the rest of us.

      They're all around us, distracted, often in Our Way and Inside Their Own Little World... Dis-Connected from real life around them, for thousands of hours a year... for many, many years. 

    Imagine, you local San Franciscans, if we had not used these devices as tools; limiting our time and dependency upon them.

      If we had instead, spent as much of our lives tied into these petro chemical programming devices as we have with each other, with mother earth and animals and families, as we do, we'd be just like them by now.

     Think how special you all are who spent 100 times more of your life interacting with living creatures, nature trails, trees, pets, humans, 200 cultures and traditions of real life instead of how many newcomers have spent almost their entire life, out of touch, time and contact with all the other life and ways of doing things and independent knowledge in favor of device programs.

     Generally, for generations now, folks born and raised on the west coast tend to put humans, life, real time and animals and community ahead of money grubbing, power building and hand held devices, mass media la-la land ideas and fantasies and material objects.

    So, we took notes and asked our peers what they think....
   Many say most of what the newcomer techies, banksters, developers and others not-from-here do is steal space, resources and destroy our city's natural vibes, tempos, waves, traditions and life on a massive scale.

      Just like an organized military invasion with some local leaders and the techie pawns themselves are being paid off, charmed and conned into displacing us, passing laws that violate human rights (Sit/Lie) and police force to control us, demonize us and rip us all off and drive us out of town.

       This tiny example, of hordes of newcomers making 'big bucks' taking over our local cafes, that we use to TALK and congregate in to benefit our community.   They get mad when locals or tourists actually chat and come together loudly in the cafes we've been going to for generations.
     Our cafes are not Corporate Sub-Offices or Libraries or Churches of Conformity and Silence.    Their misuse of our public spaces, cafes, commercial and housing stocks takes away space and wifi access to thousands of locals who are too poor to rent offices or pay $80 a month, for ever more too expensive cable internet access schemes...
      So, thanks to what we've been observing about the newcomers' social, driving, walking and use of public spaces we started research in the direction of what shaped a vast percent of their groups perceptions, experiences, character, conduct and behavior, as a group.

     It bugs us when they take over our resources, away from our folks most in need.  They (our people most in need) must access internet just to make appointments, study, get work or pass the time while being poor and without.   And they must talk in cafes where they are safe.

     The new shops and upscale wannabe local mom and pops have already disrespected tens of thousands of locals who are 'not welcome' in their shops based upon appearance, reasonable free speech or other non-good faith reasons.

    That's why we're now using non-FB social networks and tools for organizing complete end to end promotions for all of our local mom and pops, so we can drive what's left of our meager cash flows and that of the tourist groups we've built up over decades, to ONLY SHOP AT LOCAL MOM AND POPS HERE AND FROM COAST TO COAST.

      The opposite of the newcomers who are bankrolled and imported as loyalists to Uncle Sam and Corporate Rule, who often see all of us who are busy living and surviving, not making bank and coniving, as in their way to their monetary and material object pursuits.

     Today, we researched on Bing:   "antisocial behavior" violence influence "thousands of hours" video ipod devices games "real life"

    And here's what we learned (these results will go into our T Chart of Conduct and Behavior Differences between Long Time SF Residents vs. Newcomers, et al. to be published later this month..... fun, fun, fun....

    Newcomers, in reality are like 20 years behind us on living, yet they think they're 20 years ahead because of their tech ideas in their heads but haven't lived (as most of us) for decades.. hysterically ironic.. and we've gone down the roads they are headed down, now ):

 BING RESULT EXCERPT (minus the slick Amazon Ad Result stuck in middle):

  1,780 results

  1. Video Gaming And Its Impact On Society Media Essay › Essays › Media
    ... aggressive and antisocial behavior ... The impact of violence in video games ... therefore guiding them to perform acts played on consoles in real life. (Video ...
  2. Video game controversies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    ... examined the relationship between exposure to violence through media and real-life, ... Video games may influence the ... encouraging anti-social behavior.
  3. Kids and Video Games : Are You a Concerned Parent? - …
    Jan 03, 2012 · ... video games through a number of different devices and ... video games to escape from real-life ... of violent or antisocial behavior, ...
  4. Do violent video games cause behavior problems? | … › Opinions › Society
    Video games can cause violence in real life. ... This person plays on his ipod and other electronic devices every ... Violent video games cause behavior ...
  5. Children, Adolescents, and the Media:: Health Effects
    ... of homes with young children own a smartphone, a video iPod, ... one of the causal factors in real-life violence and ... video games contain violence, ...
  6. Video game controversies | QuickiWiki
    Video games may influence the learning of young ... a factor of encouraging anti-social behavior. ... al. "Violence exposure in real-life, video games ...
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  8. Effect of Media Exposure on Health - Frank W. Baker
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  9. Bartol and Bartol 2 - Scribd - Scribd - Read Unlimited Books
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    4. Children and Television Fifty Years of Research - Scribd
      Children and Television Fifty Years of Research ... Children and Television Fifty Years of ... among the first of any of the research on video games ...
    5. Some results have been removed

    And here's the CENSORED (aka Results Removed):

    Oh, we can't get those cause Bing is keeping us safe from written words and photos...
     golly, gee...

    OK, we have no choice but to Google same, let google keep stuff hidden we never asked them to do for us and see what those hidden results are...   ah, yes, here are the Google Results omitted...:

    1. Video games, violence, and common sense - Gamasutra
      Apr 2, 2013 - One of the central questions at hand is if violent video games cause ... Long-term effects are another challenge and their assumptions are arguably more intriguing. .... Which in turn, influences and impacts their real life behavior. ... to thousands of hours of exposure to this conditioning has no impact on the ...
      Missing: ipod
    2. Video Games: Violent, Yes. But Do They Make Us Violent?
      Feb 15, 2013 - Todd Martens examined video games in an article called “Violent video ... Know Your Terms: Shooting Stars, Dirty 'Snowballs' and Space Rocks on Earth .... tools for real-life violence because they talk about them or reference them? ... I'm 18, and I've played thousands of hours of video games in my time, ...
      Missing: ipod
    3. Ending the Violent Game Debate |
      Jan 31, 2013 - The violent video game debate is not new to America. ... most envelope-pushing efforts and worried about the effect they might be having on children playing them. ... You're looking at things in terms of, 'How do I survive the situation? ..... utterly different from pulling a trigger to face real life consequences.
      Missing: ipod
      Sep 8, 2010 - Other scholars observe people's real-life interactions with media and with ..... researchers interested in the effects of violent video games might administer a ..... A video game, an iPod, or a textbook? Media .... consumption in terms of ..... Antisocial behavior is contrary to prevailing norms for social conduct.
    5. [PDF]Presentation on media violence research to CAVA conference
      Oct 23, 2006 - A large body of research exists on the harmful effects of exposure to violent ... In testifying before a U.S. Senate hearing on violent video games in 2000, ..... Runciman as "a laser disk that essentially looks like a real-life ... thousands of hours playing video games.29 .... acceptance of antisocial behavior."43.
      Missing: ipod
    6. The Nocturnal Rambler: Video Games in TV: Criminal Minds
      Jan 13, 2013 - Part of a periodical series: Video Games in TV. ... the unsubs are this violent in real life, if they'd see evidence of it in their gaming history. ... to players who were banned from the game for their hostile, antisocial behavior. ... with new profiles (apparently they'd been playing the game for "thousands of hours, ...
      Missing: ipod
    7. [PDF]fall 2013 - BCCPAC
      Nov 17, 2013 - Breaking the cycle of violence ... Devices” and excerpts from a BCCPAC Board of Directors letter ... Together "Our Voice" can be influential and strong, so let's keep those ... many thousands of hours volunteering at schools to help make this .... the always popular video, Lost Youth, which depicts the real life ...
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    9. [PDF]Changing the Game
      Changing the Game. How Video Games Are Transforming the Future of Business. MAIN IDEA .... violence or antisocial behavior which exists. □ Solitaire (casual ...
    10. [PDF]part one meet your child's brain - Princeton University
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      (c) Taking breaks from studying to play video games. (d) All of ...... basic elements are in place, experience can influence the further development of the circuit by ...
    11. Digital Quality of Life - SlideShare
      Nov 30, 2009 - In a growing number of school Games for children designed to double as ... or Advanced Placement courses her school in real-life patient encounters. ... With an Internet connection and al content via Internet video or podcasts, ... technology has a positive effect on reading com- the performance of students ...
    12. shows videos site: Topics by
      Video game players show more precise multisensory temporal processing abilities ... A Multimodal Approach to Violence Detection in Video Sharing Sites .... Video sharing Web sites such as YouTube could potentially influence patient ..... hydrocarbon (TPH) Slide Show is to demonstrate field measurement devices for TPH ...
    13. short video shows: Topics by
      5. Short Term Effects of Highly and Mildly Aggressive Video Games .... 2009-08-11. 20. How long do the short-term violent video game effects last?
    14. video segment shows: Topics by
      These models are used to classify the edit effects used in video and film production. ..... by helmets, gloves, special sensing devices, or background environment. ...... With the size of the video collections growing to thousands of hours, ...... The effect of video game violence on physiological desensitization to real-life violence.
    15. video footage shows: Topics by
      Children's Reactions to a Television News StoryThe Impact of Video Footage ... 10- to 11-year-olds) viewed one of four versions of a news story about gang violence. ... and analyzes the spectrum of light to identify the chemical elements in the ta... 6 ... In the present study, we examined whether video game players' benefits ...
    16. videos showing solutions: Topics by
      2. Video game players show more precise multisensory temporal processing abilities ... In addition, new types of devices, transportable and mobile are emerging rapidly. ... analyses have explored video games to date, focusing primarily on violence and ... which cannot fail to influence numerous pH-dependent cell activities.
    17. lecture video utilization: Topics by
      Multimedia capable devices are ubiquitous among contemporary students. ... It examines student use patterns and the videos' effects on student learning, using qualitative and ... The paper will examine ways in which video games can be used to ...... and asks students to use DNA to identify a killer in a real life murder case.
    18. News Archives - Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral ...
      The psychological buildup to a violent outburst with the intent to kill usually takes a ..... It's not the sort likely to end up powering your iPod, but it does produce a beat you ... out of your head—because this device is designed to be surgically implanted deep in ...... Researchers Explore Mental Health Benefits of Video Games.
    19. Fischeretal11 - Ace Recommendation Platform - 1
      The Effects of Risk-Glorifying Media Exposure on Risk-PositiveCognitions, ... is that they all have calluses on their ears from the headphones of their iPod, and that ..... on the peer disapproval that is one of the major brakes on antisocial behavior. .... games for 20 minutes, and then saw a video that showed real-life violence.
    20. 我的工作好好玩_正版电子书在线阅读_百度阅读 this page
      大师观点:; MAIN IDEA; Video Games 1 Change how companies interact with .... 的个人影音系统成为新的游戏平台,而有线电视公司的数字机顶盒和苹果公司的iPod也是。 ...... To this was later added the major gaming devices:Microsoft's Xbox, ... will and pretty much any other form of violence or antisocial behavior that exists.
    21. video microscopy shows: Topics by
      Effects were dependent upon entry of extracellular Ca2+ rather than release from .... In the present study, we examined whether video game players' benefits ...
    22. February | 2012 |
      Feb 15, 2012 - We are all aware of the clichéd uses of such terms as “terrorists” versus ...... The carnage of conflict is only an effect of the core violence which ..... and give up thousands of hours and tens or hundreds of thousands of .... an abstract quasi-corporate entity, but it is cashed and spent by real life human beings.
    23. 2014 #1
      Video [3:06] "Law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut were recently forced to line .... “If these water disconnections disproportionately affect African Americans they ..... on notice that when they want to enlist people's cell phones as tracking devices, ... "National rates of gun homicide and other violent gun crimes are strikingly ..

Conduct Diff- SF Locals vs. Imported Techies 



Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Get Tickets to SF Homeless Town Hall Meeting Next Wed Mar 11, 2015

    We just got 4 Tickets to the SF Project Homeless Connect 'SF HOMELESS TOWN HALL MEETING' set for March 11, 2015 6pm - 9pm Event...  We want ALL OF YOU to write some notes about what you want and need OUR CITY TO DO FOR YOU to enable you and empower you -- where you are -- as you are.

     If you want to improve conditions where you are or wish to move into a home here or there or anywhere...



Example:  We hate policies that DIVIDE couples and families WHO ARE SAFER TOGETHER - Yet, by policy, they are SPLIT APART and become easy prey for the hordes of abusers we have WORKING in our agencies, non-profits, shelters and programs who have been there FOR DECADES.


  We'll make summaries of Your Wishes to present to all at next week's SF Homeless Town Hall Meeting... BE THERE !


   See The Story posted here for details:

   To get your tickets go here: