Saturday, February 10, 2018

Deja Vu ? 1890 2018 Populist Peoples Party Irish Heroine Mary Lease

History repeats itself.   Again!  

    Monopolies?  Government Controlled By The Elite in Banking, Technology, Global Trade and War ? 

     Control over Transportation, Finance, Free Choice of Using Gold or Silver ?    

    Abuse of the Common People.   Low Wages, Poor Living Conditions with Immense Corporate Profits and Lavish Elite Lifestyles. 

     Banking and Mortgage Frauds, Use of Police Force Against The People in Protest and Striking Union Members?   

       Deep Roots of Occupy ?     Deep Roots of Corporate Takeover of Our Governments.

       Deep Roots of Need For People To Choose their Own Currencies and Values like today's Cryptocurrency happenings and The Fed/Wall Street Attempts to Control It All and Keep The People In Impoverishment and Dependency upon the corrupted in power in the open markets and in the black markets by force, fear and fraud. 

     Corporate Tyranny in 2018 repeats the turn of the end of the last century (the Great Depression before the Great Depression and start of Cannabis Evil Weed Fraud of the 1930's & subsequent Trillion Dollar Drug War Frauds & Opiod/Narcotic profiteering schemes & Police, Prison & Rehab Abuse Structures created by the elite in big liquor, pharma, tobacco and petro-chemical & prison; police; weapon industries) of the 1890's during the global growth of Industrial Revolution & Trade after The U.S. Civil War.  

     As Wall Street Bankers, J.P. Morgan and Carnegie Families Create Monopolies, Impoverish Amercians and Create Depression -- Women like Mary Elizabeth Lease, rose up against BOTH Corrupted Democratic & Republican Political Parties, to bring all Exploited, Poor, Irish, Jews, Scotts, African Americans, Steel Workers, Farmers, together, as one Party.

         One Family of Real Freedom Fighters against Povery, known as the People's Party or the Populist Party. 

   More to be added later. 

   Research The People's Party and The First Great Depression of the 1890's and Police Violence used to break unions is taking place and see how patterns of impoverisment and corporate monopolies give rise to third parties in our nation.

   Here's a link to more about a great Irish Speaker For Hire (rabblerouser with a loud, clear voice and memory for speeches without paper) named Mary Elizabeth Lease who led All Of Our People to War against The Bankers and Elite of Wall Street,  to FREE ALL THE PEOPLE !

  We must learn from all Great Role Models and LINK Past to Present and NOT hide all traces of our past with symbolic destrcution of all things that remind us of past transgressions of our peoples' right and liberties.     Annotate them with facts and add to them for better understanding but do not let the Digital Elite to wipe out all physical representations of our history.     

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Do You Trust US Dollar Australian Cash Original Bitcoin BTC Litecoin Dogecoin More

     There is a war for control over how free willed individuals choose to put their faith, values and efforts into, to control their own destinies and be free from utterly corrupted 'Legacy" Private Banking & Currency monetary systems, and Wall Street, in general.

    As the privatized (stolen) values of the United States Dollar and the financial institutions who stole our homes and defrauded the Banks of China, Japan and Germany with faux mortgage paperwork worth in total about $121 Trillion Dollars, plummet down to about 3 cents of the what, 1971 Dollar Measures -- The People of the World have chosen to use a "hard to fake", transparent bookkeeping methods called Blockchain.  

    And non-corporate real people originally created crypto coins (unless it was all a setup from the beginning, as an alterntive to putting chips in our bodies) they trust in -- that enables all people, rich or poor to trade and interact globally, at cost, without ever changing fees charged by middle men and women of the 'Legacy' banking and forex and stock exchanges.

    Transparent Crypto Currencies do not need Government Oversight because every transaction is in truly plain sight. 

     It should only be taxed if used to purchase a product if there is existing sales tax.   

    They are created for humans to give value to specific purposes, as intended by the people and for the people they benefit. 

    Crypto Currencies are Superior To Inferior, Corrupted Legacy Private Banking Reserve and Walls Street Investment Services (Pyramid, Ponzi and Only The Rich Can Play Schemes and Frauds) that are operated for the sole or most benefit of The Elite and Organized Crime, War Making and Illicit & Pharma Drug and Oil Barons of THE OLD WAYS that we reject and hate only because of their lies, deceptions and destruction of our people, lands, rivers, oceans, lives, communities, nations, cities, villages and tribes around the globe. 

    Our PEOPLE INSPIRED & PEOPLE POWERED Crypto Coin Systems are made for honest people trying to survive and make a decent, good living.   They are not designed (most of the pre Jan 15; Mar 15; Jun 15; Dec 15 and more New Coins, to date) for Profiteering or Enriching the Lives of the Rich & Infamous Elite, who have been screwing Good & Poor People of all kinds and skin colors for centuries.    The Offspring of their hateful blood is alive and well today, hunting for the CASH in your pocket;  The Gold in your banks and Your Crypto Coins right now.  

    They're spending hundreds of billions of dollars to CONTROL IT ALL NOW!   This is the ramp up to SHTF Time whether you like it or not and whether you are prepared for it.  Its all happening right now!

       Original and new 'honest', independent transparent coins, wallets, exchanges and cities and nations who are not part of the Legacy Banking and Finance & War & Oil Machines FREELY gives every human an equal chance to control their own destinies with maximum returns for their own labor and trade activities without widespread corruption, hidden sets of books and offshore accounts (like in the Line Islands... Hmmm...) because we, the people are mostly honest, unlike The Legacy Royal Dominionist Elite who are corrupt and murderous to the core.

    You know, the MONEY CHANGERS that wise men like Jesus used to throw out of holy places and places of worship to keep them away from honest people in his flock.  

   In fact, today's corrupted elite in banking ARE THE SAME FAMILIES & BLOOD of the original Templars who put a higher value on their money changing operations then people's need to worship in peace and live life at lowest cost possible.

    After some $300B worth of US$ left their corrupted systems and went into the Coins we trust (i.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and others mostly made before Jan 15, Mar 15, Jun 15 & Dec 15 2017) because we have more faith in their accounting systems than the money of most governments or private banking reserves.

   At Occupies around the globe, we all shared stories of the same frauds done by the same banks, mortgage companies, global privatization firms of The Dominion (i.g G4S/Wackenhut, Serco Global), crooked lawyers, judges, politicians, police and other 'professionals' who use fraud, in timidation, lies, propaganda, street thugs, demonization tatics and dirty cash to take over and profit from all things they can.

   Now, Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies which express the faith of humans in things (that is what faith in the corrupted privatized US Dollar is!  Its faith in a thing that has no backing in gold, silver and other precious things.   And we do not own our own US Dollar currencies and can't keep our lives together because of the Crazy Cycles of Rotating Values and Triangle Pyramid Schemes that profit from our mistakes and distract so we can't see or understand what's really going on, in plain sight.

    In 2017,  the Australians and New Zealanders are building better exchanges,  accept Bitcoin being equal in usegage to their dollars and only tax you if you make a purchase, that requires sales tax or VAT payments.   You are not taxed until you trade you BTC for a thing.   

    The Bastards of Wall Street hate the idea of you sending your time and effort to acquire a thing of value that other people or nations deem to be of value so you can spend it and trade it and mine it however you like until you actually spend it !  

    Fantastic!   Plus Australia  is closer to Universal ZULU TIME which is where The World's New Day starts and the first transactions of commodities, money supplies and now crypto currencies START.

    Australia is one of those places where anti-biotics, pesticides and GMO's in Food is highly regulated and mostly prohibited.  They have been eating pure, life filled, robust, safe, non-toxic food for generations.  They think clearer (when sober....) than people in other nations or major cities that pay US Cash to be allowed to pollute, instead of not polluting, so their Standard of Living is higher than our own.

    It's no wonder that the major banks and Wall Street investors hate Australians and what they stand for.  Like the Irish, the Scots, The Welsh and many others have suffered by the hands of Tyrannical Kings of England and other nations and were cast off hundreds of years ago, to Australia as convicts and criminals, mostly for defying the evil rulers of the world and its the same today. 

   In fact, many Irish, Scots and others who know history and who's families suffered the cruelty of having their villages burned, women raped, children raped, murdered and kidnapped for hundreds of years.   Long before 'black' looking people and 'white looking' people were enslaved (given a monetary value) by "white looking' and "black looking" people which is why most of them do not see evil or corruption or value being assigned to anyone, based on skin color. 

    Skin color is a matter of sun upon the skin and relates to having origins in the tropical or equator zones.  Many see the elite use "skin color" in order to trick people of 'color' to band together 'as a race' and 'hate' most white looking people. 

   Nothing has changed in this matter.   Elite Families of old continue to beat, rape, steal homes, sell babies, children and adults as slaves and lowest paid workers around the world.

   Same 400+ Elite Families that run private banking systems, military industrial complexes, start wars and steal land and freedoms of people around the globe.  

    They use pawns (i.g. paid off or compromised, blackmailed pubic servants, police, fake paperwork, rigged courts, global private security forces, hackers, ISIS, war on drugs, war on terrorism, Independent Contractor Uber, Lyft, Food App Delivery Drivers, Google, Facebook, et al.) against us.

     In fact, if you look at your website's Visitor Logs you'll see that when the Google Bots come to visit you pages, the Name of their Shows "US ARMED SVCS" as the domain name, so clearly, ALL your website data is being scanned by a computer system with Google's name on it, being operated from a US Armed Services operating center.

   What does that tell you about using Google for ANYTHING?


    Rare places in south pacific islands is where The Elite make transactions FOUR HOURS EARLIER than anyone else because many World Time Clocks, Dashboards (like Zen Dashboard's world time clock gadgets) do not even have a selectable City or Country name available for a few time zones that follow the island times (i.g. The Line Islands, Samoas, Kiritimati) so, those spots where the New Day really starts is not well known and largely hidden from view.

    Until we post more on this, here's our advice.  

  1.  Watch exchanges move to the United States to help The Elite (unwittingly perhaps) and setup servers to process transactions which causes many to be overloaded due to so many folks exchanging coins based on values of crypto coins and THE ROBOTS and PRO STOCK TRADERS who invade our free willed Crypto World to STEAL VALUES and make money from money because of for profit and greed motives. 


   Do this by always retaining gains from crypto trading into personal, private wallets as often as possible after making your gains from each trading session.  Keep most of your values in the Original Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other 'real coins' with people value (many are pre Jan 15; Mar 15; Jun 15 & Dec 15, 2017), not the new 'rigged' coins being injected into the crypto marketplaces to Disrupt, Consolidate, Control and Steal VALUES away from all of us.

    They do this by using Pumps & Sleeper Cell Coins to Terrorize, Stress Out, Distract and Take Over our ability to focus on being free and using crypto coinage, as we see fit -- MINUS the influence of Legacy Currencies, Governments, Private Banking Reserves and Wall Street who have done nothing but lie, cheat, steal and kill all that we have and all that we work for and love. 

   They do this by manipulating values by diluting them with almost worthless US Dollars and faux crypto coins (the ones that Rise Up from nowhere into the Top 200, 100, 20 & 10 Crypto currencies based on Market Capitalization (how much Cash Value Total supports each coin) in terms of Market Share.   This is an Acquisition, Distortion, Merger and Take Over Operation.    Their enemies are free willed individuals sick and tired of corruption, who build and support transparent systems no matter what. 


 NOTE:  F.Y.I. Everything is rapidly changing.  India is on all digital currency now.  Billions of people.   Many nations are adopting cryptos and calling them assets OR currencies which they either accept, reject, outlaw or are studying to see what they are all about.   The US & Dominion of England and others (elite of Saudi Arabia, Zionist Leadership in Israel [ not the people of those places, just the elite at the top) are in cahoots to preserve elite status quo.    

   Stay tuned.... bookmark this page and SHARE IT with everyone you know, everywhere. 

Happy Holidays to All Good People Of The Earth. 

Circle Your Wagons Around & Occupy Original Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins and others YOU TRUST and the Australian Dollar which are the ways of OUR FUTURE.

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