Monday, November 13, 2017

DreamForce 2017 You Don't Belong Here - SalesForce's Guardian Security Class Bias

San Francisco, California - Nov 13, 2017  -- Work In Progress
(Updated:   11/16/2017 - See Below for Additions)

    Details found about the security guard company (that may have been hired by SalesForce for the Annual DreamForce 2017 Event, as part of a 30 person hiring spree) named GUARDIAN PROTECTION SECURITY, of Pleasanton, California -- newly incorporated or ownership recently transferred (Aug 2017) as indicated by these internet search results.   

     According to Want Ads for security guards posted online and The California Secretary of State records, the Registered Owner/Agent of GUARDIAN PROTECTION SECURITY is FAWAD BAJAWORY, of Pleasanton, CA, as of August 2017,  just a few months before the DreamForce 2017 event, at Moscone Center that took place the first week of November.

    This is the incident, this past week, in which INVITED and BADGED 'low income' attendees from local coder group dev/Mission -- were given 'cheap looking' badges and Security Guards at the DreamForce 2017 Event exemplified CLASS BIAS & PREDJUDICE against San Francisco Mission District area locals who were told "YOU DON'T BELONG HERE" as they ejected the student group for no just cause.

   The conduct and behavior of the students was not a factor - simply their 'appearances'.

     They were kicked out because of how they or their badges looked.    Very strange.  

    A prudent internet search revealed Job Postings by Guardian Protection Security in San Francisco (Local Office:  Pleasanton, CA) whose most recent incorporation (or change of ownership registration, etc) was in August, 2017:

  TWEETED ON TWITTER  11/13/2017:    

 #BSIS #CACorp #SOSNoC4061326 Perhaps #GuardianProtectionSecurity hired #Biased #Hater #UDontBelongHere #Security #Guards At #Dreamforce for #SalesForce

**Update:   Thu Nov 16 2017 -  Miscellaneous Notes:

      A discrepancy exists, in knowing exactly which security company or registered Agent/Owner is responsible for the offensive security guards in this incident, because Multiple Security Company and Multiple Registered Agent/Owners with different and similiar name spellings are on file with state security agencies;  Moscone's Approved Security List and Internet ads and postings related therein.

         In addition to a FAWAD BAJAWORY being shown on the internet at Registered Owner/Agent of GUARDIAN PROTECTIVE SECURITY (of Pleasanton, CA, office who purportedly posted want ads for guards for this particular event two weeks beforehand), other names in other companies and states overlap and appear confusing, at first glance. 

     There are various links to BAJAWORY and the Pleasanton Address to Other Security Companies; AND other Registered Owner(s)/Agent(s) Named FARHAD BAJAWORY, DAVID SAYED, SARAJ GEM RAY (related to Sexy Tuscon/Scottsdale Nights Out websites), INSURE PROTECTIVE SECURITY, INC, in Arizona and Texas.

    We don't know if FAWAD & FARHAD BAJAWORY are the same person or not, but if it's the same person then some records, promos or websites need to correct the Name Spelling difference.    

    Fawad or Farhad Bajawory's Name appears with these corporations and websites with various Titles (i.e. Secretary, Treasurer, President, etc.) and name spellings,  so its a bit hard to figure out which company(ies) and what the roles are over time and which offices may have had the contract for the employees who ejected the invited students that day.     

    At first blush... it just doesn't look right when one sees different or confusing name spellings, locations, company names rotating around the same corporate clients or events.

        It's great when HOSTS are responsible for the people they hire and are TRANSPARENT and up front about who did what and who works for who.

        Once major corporations or hosts start trying to hide or cover up the names of the corporations or people responsible for bad acts or harms caused, we, the people, just get mad, get curious and get busy to dig it all up, to find out why the obvious wasn't exposed or named, in the first place. 

    Coverups just waste time, piss off the people and make you look bad. 

   Telling the truth and being transparent about who you hire who did what, makes it easier to deal with the matters at hand, properly and justly without wasting more time or making matters worse. 

      So many companies are corrupt today, every time we step into a 'cover-up,  it's like a box of See's Chocolates.   Never know what you find until you break open the shells to see what's inside.   

    Don't forget how Potrero Safeway and G4S Secure Solutions (Pine St, SF, CA;  Florida;  United Kingdom) waited months to answer the most simple requests for the name of the Guard(s) and Guard Company involved in the brutal assault on a shopper and his tiny dog Rosco in the March 2016 - #WhoKilledRosco the dog case.

     In that case,  an underpaid former marine/football player licensed, 28 year old Security Guard named Charles Lamar Moore attacked the shopper and kicked his dog over several hours, resulting in death.

       Safeway & G4S knew who was involved and had videotape of the 'field goal kick' to the dog,  yet failed to respond to numerous requests for the Guards' & Company's Registered Names and California Bureau of Security & Investigations Licensing Numbers.   




      Many corporations that are not from here DO NOT CARE about our need to know who is doing what to whom in our communities,, and will hide and conceal the most basic of information that we all have a right to because they don't seem to wake up every day with a committment to proactively doing 'the right thing', as many of us do. 

     But rather, many 'newcomer', elite corporations and executives seem to be on the run from one fraud or lie or avoidance of personal responsibility, in one case or another. 

    Because they pay lowest dollar possible and expect to have good security and will do anything to avoid being responsible for anything.

   When SHTF they simply shut down and leave town.   

   That why we MUST endeavor to replace all foreign owned (not from this city) corporations who come here to take our space, our resources and local cash flows, by any legal or illegal  -- moral, amoral or immoral ways and means for mega  profits they take with them when they leave.

    Disruptive technologies and renegade app service company operations in your area means it's okay to destroy communities by not following existing laws, rules and traditions without ever apologizing or paying for the damages caused by the high tech fraud devices and schemes.  

    Very sad to see monopolies and  opportunists corrupt our cities and steal local cash flows, without meaningful oversight, right in plain site.

   Serco Global (see postings elsewhere on this blog) from the United Kingdom is leaading competitor to G4S Security in Privatization (at lowest profit and wage possible) of public services; private and public jails;  immigration - refugee  detention facilities, hospitals, etc.

    Serco Global operates our city's parking meters for example.  We don't decide how they operate, what vehicle, credit card, personal data is stored, used or sold or how much we're charged to park.   It's up to global controls and they take the local cash flows.     

   G4S Secure Solutions and many other not-from-here,  elite, globally owned corporations are inside our malls, grocery stores, county jails and government benefit offices.

     They are not locally owned.  The contracts benefit elite in places like Florida, New York, Wall Street, Texas & London in the United Kingdom and the Kings and Princes of faraway lands like Saudi Arabia and others.     

    We should be creating, owning, operating our own security, parking enforcement, public safety operations ourselves to regain maximum benefits and controls over the activites that impact us all, directly.   

    The 'essential services' we all need should never be for mega profits under the control of elite, sketchy globalist out-of-town, state or nation corporations because it never works to help us.  It always harms us. 

    We must provide for ourselves using not for profit models using local talents and locally owned and operated residents of our communities or we will all lose out in the long run or the short run, depending on how fast the elite in your community is gentrifying it and taking over your spaces and local cash flows.



Sunday, November 5, 2017

Email From Hackers Phishers From The United States or Columbia


    Today a new Suspicious Email arrived in the IN Box of one of our peer groups who uses a gmail account.   

 It reportedly came from a User at AOL dot COM with the Sent From and Reply To Email Address:  marylynntolle AT  -- which may or may not be a real email address being used to spoof or fool users into thinking its from a real person at aol DOT com with that Email Address. 

    Note:   Email addresses in emails sent to you can be faked.   The Sent From and Reply To fields can be manipulated using offline or online email programs. 

 It contains a link to click on -- to a supposed Shared File At Drop Box dot Com, that is believed to be a FAKE DROP BOX location -- located in the country of Columbia or the U.S. States of Missouri or Colorado, so far.  

      When a user clicks on the link (don't you do it!  We do it in lab conditions with developer browser tools to prevent infections from viruses, malware) it goes to a site that shows a Drop Box type background,  kind of making one think they are at Drop Box dot Com. 

efynelmantenimiento Reg

   But, the actual website is at a Domain efynelmantenimiento DOT  com -- apparently is located in the country of Columbia (and maybe hosted in Colorado Springs, Colorado !?).   

      The purported Domain Name Registrant is listed as Efrain Correa de la rosa -- with registered Email of efynelgeneralservices AT hotmail DOT com. 

      It's unknown if the webmaster of that Columbian site [ Efynel General Services ] even knows that a dropbx/view sub-folder(s) have been created on their Domain and is being emailed out. 

Efynel General Services

       It definitely looks Fishy!

Domain Registered Email
      In Safari Browser, when one tries to go to the DropBox Link - A PHISHING WARNING message comes up -- to warn users against continuing onto the site.

Safari Phishing Warning

      When you land on the site you see choices to make to Sign In or Register using various Email Accounts.

    It looks like you have to Log In using one of your email addresses,  in order to gain access to the 'Shared' Drop Box Files --  which all looks bogus, unless you are naive or in a hurry or distracted while checking your email. 

Faux Drop Box Landing
   It 'looks' official to many folks -- with logos of various popular email services with their logos displayed.    

    This apparent Phishing Site wants unsuspecting users to Click on and Sign In using your current Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Other Email Account.

Faux AOL Log In
    After an Email Account choice is made and Clicked on --  then pop up boxes come up asking you to login to your Email Account with your User Name and Password. 

Faux Gmail Sign In
    It looks like if you do that,  that Columbian website will have YOUR REAL USER NAME & PASSWORD so they can hack into your email account(s). 

Faux Outlook Sign In
     We searched for marylynntolle at aol dot com and found just a handful of links to that email address and info about Daughters of The American Revolution, Missouri and not much else. 

Faux Yahoo Sign In
     Except a couple things about Wounded Warriors project with the same AOL Email Address. 

   Some links to Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Google: marylynntolle aol com
   An email has been sent to the purported Sender [ marylynntolle at aol dot com ]  asking if she did in fact, send this Suspicious Email with the link to a Drop Box on the Columbian Server Domain [ efynelmantenimiento dot com/dropbx/db/view/ ]  or not. 

   Be Aware.   Be Safe.  Do not open or click on strange email without checking out its origins first.    

  Final Note:  

   The Company shown on the Domain Name Root appears to be a legitimate company, located in Columbia.   

Domain Root Looks Real
   We question why the Sender  chose the marylynntolle AT aol User Name and don't know why the Domain Name linked Registration information has ties to both Columbia and Colorado Springs locations.

        Smells like a cannabis connection to me.

   Someone upset about postings to do with Ending Prohibition instead of for mega profit and tax burdening and criminalizing 'legalization' that many states have been conned into passing, perhaps. 

    Or, it's just someone in Colorado or Columbia using resources to send out what looks like spam phishing emails with bogus links.

   Very strange indeed!   Beware All Fakes & Posers !

       Many of our peers have seen their User Names and Real Names on many social media sites, they never signed up for and saw strange posts that they did not write being posted. 


   Most Americans with Credit Files have already likely had their names, social security numbers, address; credit; banking; loan; mortgage; income; dates of birth COPIED AND STOLEN (vis a the last 145 Million Name Equifax Breach of any number of other breaches of security on internet systems over the past several decades).