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About Unsafe Uber, Cruise, Food Delivery Robots, Drivers, Bikers -SF Streets/Sidewalks

Note:   This is an update of the Venga Empanadas Red Zone Bad Driving Story and more information about how Ride Share, Food Delivery and Robot Vehicles and Bike Riders steal space, cause traffic delays, annoy locals and steal local cash flows from our city --  while endangering the lives of us all,  every day.
 **UPDATE:   WED AUGUST 16, 2017  -  Vehicle Parked Safely in Same Spot without Blocking Fire Department Water Supplies: 

        Here is a Twitter Post (from yesterday) showing a car parked in the same location that is parked legally and safely,  without blocking the Red Zone.   It's the spot in front of Ferguson's Plumbing Show Room, between our beloved Samovar Tea and Venga Empanadas.

   Many folks don't realize that every time they park illegally,  they are unjustly putting the rest of us in harm's way.  

     In 1906,  over 250,000 San Franciscans became homeless overnight, due to fires caused by The Great Earthquake.     We are a densely packed city with lots of timber homes and buildings.  

    Our fire crews must be able to access all red zone spaces, intersections and alley ways to fight fires.

     Anyone who blocks a red zone or parks on sidewalks that block doors or block path ways needed for emergency responders, is putting all of our lives at risk.

    Many folks drive and park as they wish or whatever is cheapest or more convenient for their need to 'rush' to make money or do ride share or food delivery jobs that create less income for them and more stress than real solid wage earning jobs.

     Their 'rush' to chase money demonstrates a self centeredness and selfishness and thoughtlessness that cause hundreds of thousands of accidents annually, from coast to coast.

    Newcomers don't realize for example, that when it rains after dry, dusty spells here,  transformers on pole tops explode and catch on fire.

      Often next to buildings and in alleys and 'tight spaces' where fire fighters MUST be able to get to and extinguish before the fire(s) jump from poles to the tops of residential and commercial buildings.



   Let's recall that Domino's Pizza's 30 Minute Delivery or Free Pizza Guarantee activities caused many accidents and wrongful death (even to a child) and was sued for their Hazardous Business Practices.

Domino's Kidnapping Death Case Link
   One law suit was for $10 Million Dollars.

  Today's corporations are Repeating the same pressures for profits that push Drivers and business staff and owners (vis a disruptive business models, apps, renegade illegal operations) into breaking all of our laws and traditions and behaviors that keep us safe.

   This lawsuit was for $78 Million Dollars for Wrongful Death:  

Domino's Ends Fast-Pizza Pledge After Big Award to Crash Victim

     So, if you block the Rondel Place (alley) door to Taqueria Pancho Villas Restaurant or the sidewalk marked No Parking while doing deliveries and a fire breaks out and people die because you blocked access,  do you have the insurance to pay for the damages caused and the lives lost ?  

Cleveland's WKYC TV Investigative Report
Check out this WKYC TV Cleveland, Ohio investigation news posting:

Hazards for Hire: Recalls ignored by taxis, Uber and Lyft

    Can you live with yourself making an extra $20 bucks or saving 15 minutes of time at the expense of the life of another innocent human being ?

     An innocent human being that had a right to be safe from thoughtless, selfish or careless drivers, like you ?

      Will Uber or Lyft or XYZ Foodie App Delivery Company PAY for your negligent parking that resulted in death law suit ?

    Underpaid, financially desperate "independent" and unlivable wage Individuals make thousands of 'trips' in our city in 2017.    2,190 trips in the Valencia Street Corridor Area alone for ride shares.

Unsafe Domino's Driver In England
 These stressed out, hungry drivers are in reality,  'running for money' and 'killing for cash' today, in 2017, just as other companies like Domino's Pizza did back in the 1980's 1990's.

   Today we have Repackaged, app driven 'new' services that endanger us all for corporate profits and theft of our local cash flows are the same bad models that plagued us (and put us into deep debt) in the 1980's and the 1990's.

   Same pigs with new glossier make up on.  Nothing new under the sun, children.  You must each analyze the cash you are making working as an independent contractor.

    Add up the hours spent with down time.   Add up the stress and loss of sleep in your life.

 Add up the risks and potential or likely losses you will suffer for insurance payments, deductibles, blown tires, parking tickets, tows, conflicts with pedestrians, bikers and locals you annoy & put into harm's way.

   This is the negative impact you have on our community --  every time you run a red light, speed down residential areas, cut off pedestrians; block sidewalks and occupy metered spaces without paying your fair share.

      You are more of a liability than an asset to yourself and your family and our community at large because of the bad choices you keep making as your drive round and round our city.

 Add up your tax liabilities and wear and tear costs on your tires, vehicles and the wear and tear on your own body if you are in pollution filled traffic, idling your engines with eyes glued to an app device,  putting yourself at risk for peanuts in wages or worse,  just to end the year of work in deeper debt and misery than you were before you went to chase the money in your car, working for foreign owned (not from here) corporations.

    How often do you see these Drivers IDLING THEIR ENGINES parked on sidewalks in No Parking Zones or in Metered Spaces without paying meter fees for many minutes of a half hour or more,  EVERY DAY all over the city ?

     These inconsiderate drivers don't honor need to Spare The Air as they idle their engines for many minutes or a half hour or more -- usually while blocking sidewalks, parking in Red Zones or in metered spaces without even paying the meters.  

    Unfortunately,  children, babies in strollers and pets get hit with the exhaust the most -- while you are on the sidewalks because they are lower to the ground,  closer to the exhaust pipes of these idling cars.



     Many of you are preoccupied with your hand held devices and phones and often fail to give YOUR FULL ATTENTION to the pets, babies and children you are with as you walk distracted (and ignorant) down the sidewalks and into crosswalks full of hazards all around you.

       When your dog or baby gets sick or hurt or depressed by your Cell Phone Abandonment of them,   it's too late to say you were sorry,  for not paying attention to the real lives and hazards around you that you could have protected them from, had you been paying attention properly.


    Local business owners, customers and tourists can't access our local businesses and the regular and commercial parking spaces in front of them because they are illegally occupied by non-paying space takers working for corporations that do not follow our laws who are taking away our local cash flows for investors and the elite. 

     Less local access, less cash flow, more time wasted, more congestion, more pollution to benefit the corporate masters who run all these 'cool' disruptive technologies and high tech apps and services.  

    They are all carpet bagging failures to our local economy and its people.

     Autonomous cars are not the answer.

   When a moving vehicle hits me or my family, children, pets or neighbors I want a HUMAN BEING to be responsible for their human conduct.

     I don't want a corporate pay off for bad acts caused by machines on our streets and sidewalks.

    I want our local people everywhere (underemployed, underpaid, homeless, capable disabled folks, veterans, et al.) to replace machines when we have so many idle people underemployed and underpaid.

    I urge you all to Read the Book AND attend the New Live Theatre Productions of "1984" to see how many of you have been misled into trusting corporate machine ideology, schemes and doomed-to-abuse-and-fail business models that many of you now work for or do business with, in 2017. 

         Or look for Movie Theater Screenings of "1984", as many theaters did on April 4, 2017.

1984 Movie Shown in Protest Apr 4, 2017
   The mass showings were in Protest of the Trump Administration and current state of affairs between our people and new high tech corporations and 'revolving door' government employees working for the elite.

     It was a sign of protest against gentrification and elite controls, intrusions and disruptions of our privacy, freedoms, lives, families, communities, education, homes, economies and medical care and public services and technologies we see all around us today.

Pic Linked To "1984" Film Story

    List of Theaters who showed "1984" in protest of today's Trump Administration and all that entails April 4, 2017:  

     Here in San Francisco, we see autonomous cars blocking crosswalks against the light (with no one behind them) while The Driver (the second line of safety) was busy on his cell phone,  not paying attention to the fact he was blocking the crosswalk in the midst of children, dogs and families all around.


    They also fail to move to the center of the intersection to wait to make left handed turns which causes more delays and more anxious drivers behind them to 'run the red light' with as many as 3 or 4 other cars racing to run the red lights on these turns after being delayed by robot cars or gigantic and noisy Corporate mega-buses.    

Driverless Uber Car Crashes
     The machine failed.   The human driver failed.  

      In Congested Places near humans and animals, machines can maim and kill in seconds without warning.   

    Who is responsible ?     A human behind a wheel in control or a corporate machine, out of control ?

    Arizona Uber Self-Driving Car Crash Story: 

    When we place machines in close contact with humans and animals on our streets and sidewalks, we are being placed at great unknown risks, for corporate profits.   I'm sick of having bikes locked up to parking meters,  causing folks to have to stand or navigate around them.

   New Technology's Impact On Personal Injury Law Article: 

    I don't want to share walking space with motorized robots or other for profit hazards like the reckless bike delivery app riders who jump curbs and cruise on sidewalks like they were superior to us all.

    Pets, children, joggers and the disabled and mentally ill or folks under the influence of drugs or liquor or distracted folks can run out from behind a doorway, pole, parked car into the path of others on the sidewalk or in the streets -- at any time.

     If you are riding a bike illegally or unsafely on the sidewalk or 'wave the right of way' to cars trying to turn across crosswalks and streets you may harm others that are behind you or around you.

Information Age Article On P.I. Law
      There are more faults and defects in machine parts (i.g. car brakes for example) than are known about or widely reported.

    That's why I never walk in front of any moving car, bike or robot that are close to me or trying to cut me off or drive into the crosswalks while people are present.  

   If the machine or its parts fail,  I'm the one that gets hit and harmed or killed, not them.  

     That's why when impatient drivers try to 'roll' continuously into crosswalks against the light,  I come to a complete stop.    When they come to a complete stop,  I continue my walking.

     When they start moving,  I stop until they stop moving because I love my life and refuse to let bad drivers endanger me or 'rush me' into running to get out of their way,  no matter where I walk.

    I don't waive or wave my right or way to let them pass because there could be a jogger or biker behind me who will get hit as they pass me if I let the cars cross my path while I am in the street.

   Human pedestrians have the ultimate right-of-way, at all times.  

   Cars, bikes and machines IN MOTION near humans and pets cause accidents and harm,  not humans walking or standing in place. 

      When our friends are at a meter, standing in place having a conversation or waiting for others,  bikers come up -- interrupt us --  and try to get us to move so they can park there illegally.  It's annoying and they need to stop doing that.

    It's OUR SPACE being OCCUPIED by people. 

    Until we walk away, it's NOT YOUR SPACE!

   After we walk away,  it's still an illegal place to lock up your bike.

From Streets.MN
   See This Streets.MN Article on The Fight For Pedestrian Safety, here:

     Vehicles that park near intersections, alleys or crosswalks illegally often Block the Line Of Sight for motorists, bikers and pedestrians. 

     When Bikes are illegally locked to Meters  blocks parking meter signage and parked car people's access to get in and out of their cars in many cases and takes up space that needs to be used by people standing on the sidewalk 'out of the way' of the pedestrian traffic and doorways.

     We spend megabucks on bike lanes and bike racks, so ALL BIKES trying to steal people space on our sidewalks by locking up to meters should be ticketed and confiscated.

      If you have a bike you have to risk it by parking it at legal spaces and bike racks or take them into the cafe or store just like the rest of us do -- who follow the rules and don't take the space of others for our own personal use or convenience.

     I'm not entitled to invade or take another person or group's space on the sidewalks and neither are you. 

    Just because you or I or anyone else think we're a pro biker or my commercial business or delivery or my 'rush' is more important than your safety, spaces and rights on our public sidewalks, doesn't make it so.

Washington Post Article
       At any time,  the machines can fail (historic note: The Elite pushing these robot and distraction devices calculate timing of part failures to maximize gains on warranties, future markets vis a nazi germany inspired 'planned obsolesence' and bank floor planning schemes that created wasteful, petro chemical, disposable products built to fail) and cause harm without a human being in sight to blame or lay fault upon or to take responsibility for said harm.
    I do not wish to be an 'early adopter' or 'late adopter' of any of the dreams and schemes being laid upon us that do not come up, from our own local communities because we do not own; control or derive greatest benefit from these things, unless we create them ourselves, putting humans and life above profits, cash, fame and control.

    I'm now part of a movement or group of individuals of "Never Adopters" who pledge to support local ideas and cash flows and movements of local communities we trust.  We don't support monopolies or companies being paid with profits for those goods and services we can do for ourselves in lower or not for profit models to maximize local resources, for our locals' maximum benefit.

    We do not support the theft of our local space, cash flows or the implementation of automated machines or schemes that 'make us' do as others wish us to do,  being mostly not from here investors, elite, engineers and others trying to 'change the world' according to their manipulated visions,  not ours or those of our local communities.

Updated 6:58 pm, Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Motorized Vehicles in Crosswalks Are Unsafe

   I don't want any motorized vehicle (robot delivery carts) on our sidewalks or in crosswalks jammed with people, pets, disabled, mentally ill, folks drinking or abusing drugs or on pharma products, baby carts and unsafe adult bike riders whom all already occupy our public space on our streets.

    What Do You Think ?    Post a comment or remain silent.  It's your choice.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

¡Venga! Empanadas Vehicle Blocks SF Fire Dept Access to Water Supply Pipes. Why ?

Note:  See latest August 16th, 2017 Update at bottom of page about:    

     How To Park Safely and about for profit bikers, space takers, uber, robot car crashes, app delivery drivers, public safety and #NeverAdopters who understand "1984" and don't want corporate top down, high tech schemes that harm us all.

   Scroll down to the end of this page to see the latest update... 


**  WED JULY 9, 2017  ** UPDATE:   ¡Venga! Empanadas' Owner's Vehicle Blocks SFFD Water Supply Access Daily & During Today's SF Fire Department Emergency Response, at their cafe's location. 

SFFD Emergency Call 400 Blk Valencia
     This morning, during our daily coffee meeting outside on the sidewalk in front of Ferguson's Plumbing and Showroom, at 435 Valencia Street in the Mission District,  we saw SF Fire Department trucks pull up in front of Venga Empanadas parklet and the residential hotel next door. 

SFFD at Venga Empanadas
    Apparently they were responding to some emergency in the Hotel or Alley next door.  

     We weren't sure why they were they but the brave fire fighters have their gear on and went fast down the alley less two doors down from where we were standing,  next to the fire department water supply pipes.    

      We noticed there was fresh paint and miniature Red Cones on the curb which was being re-painted by SFMTA.  

SFFD Red Zones & Water Supply Pipes 
    We looked above the cone and newly painted red zone and saw a car illegally parked there. 

     We've seen that same car parked there nearly every day for the past year or so,  but never really paid any attention to it,   until this incident today with the Fire Department in action, responding to an emergency call.   

    The SFFD didn't need access to the water supply today, but now we have a better understanding of why there are small Red Fire Zone painted on curbs.    Now we see, that its necessary to have those tiny areas clear of obstacles at all times, to fight fires and save lives.  

SFFD Fire water Supply
1 of 2 Red Zones Repainted
       At the same time, we noticed that a car was blocking the SFFD Access Right-Of-Way to the SFFD Water Supply Pipes on the wall of Ferguson's Plumbing

   It's  the same spot we stand at every day -- where we were drinking our coffee, listening to the radio,  but today we learned more about why there are little strips of red zone no parking spots all over the city.

       Lo and behold,  it was the Venga Empanada Owners car, parked illegally in an SFMTA Red Zone, blocking access to the Fire Department Water Supply.   

Venga Empanadas Decal In Window
Freshly Re-Painted SFFD Red Zone
 Imagine if there was a big fire at Ferguson's Plumbing Showroom or Samovar Tea;   Venga Empanadas or the Residential SRO Hotel next door and the S.F.F.D. needed to run hoses and equipment across the street and sidewalk to connect them to the high pressure water supply lines -- being blocked.

    It would be tragically ironic if the blocking of access to the SFFD Water Supply pipes, daily,  by the Owner or Staff of Venga Cafe themselves were to lead to more property damage or loss of life during emergencies due to obstacles & delays to the fire fighter's response, at their own cafe or the adjacent stores and hotel residents next door to them.


   **UPDATE:   WED AUGUST 16, 2017  -  Vehicle Parked Safely in Same Spot without Blocking Fire Department Water Supplies: 

   This August 16th Update has been moved to its own posting page here

    It combines follow up on this story and new information about how unsafe food delivery; ride share; robot vehicle and bikers create hazards for us all on our own streets and sidewalks.   They all drive as if they are above the law and above respecting the space and safety of others in our community.   They avoid all the real costs of doing business that the rest of us pay for because we follow the laws and these renegade operators DO NOT.    We pay for using meters and don't idle our engines like they do.   We don't run lights or cut off pedestrians or park blocking red zones or on sidewalks because it's wrong, unsafe and illegal to do so.

     This linked update includes info on $78 Million Dollar Awarded in wrongful death suit involving the Domino's Pizza Delivery Time Guarantee model that pressured drivers into speeding and driving recklessly to meet corporate goals that killed . 
innocent people, from coast to coast.

     Also includes pics and links to stories of robot cars crashing and information about liability issues for drivers who work for these 'new' for profit ride share and delivery systems.

     These renegade foreign owned (not from here) for mega-profit corporations and their stressed out, underpaid drivers and robot machines cause us so many problems and steal local spaces and cash flows from local communities to fund the lifestyles of the elite and their investors in New York and London City.... 

   Click on the link below to continue reading.