Saturday, May 16, 2015

The People of San Francisco's Elders Are Taking Back Power To The People in 2015-2016 Bravo!

We all know its long overdue.   The Elite have been dividing us for two centuries, by external forces, affects and 'labels' (i.g. based on snapshots of a person that don't tell the whole story; demonization of plants like cannabis and people in mass media channels and outright childish name calling of messengers of real life, truth and fact) that has finally resulted in a few historically critical results, to wit:

     (1)  Four out of Five Americans no longer trust government because of systematic, cyclic, revolving doors of corporate-government corruption.  Their local police, sheriffs and deupties, security companies, city guides and ambassadors and national guards have been 'intimidated', coerced, co-opted, programmed, militarized and mechanized against us all, which we've all experienced or witnessed by now.   Moving harmless folks around and making  profit by every forced movement of free people.  It's insane.

    (2)  The People of 3,000+ Counties are now fully aware of most of the tricks, frauds, tactics and negative affects, past, present and planned - of The Elite and are taking action everywhere, to exert local powers to take back the corrupted powers for the sake of their own local people and environments, waterways and lands.

    Live Free or Die Doing Right Time -- For Us All.   Tyranny is Dead.  You can't tell us what to do any longer.   Your dreams of glory and god power is dying.  Our dreams of new life and bright futures is just beginning, because our people now stand up, speak up and take back powers -- for ourselves, as humans first.

    Exposure of crime and de-privatization and the blocking of bad acts like fracking, et al. are taking place county to county;  and corrupted state legislatures are trying to pass state laws to stop locals from their inherent rights to self determination and no taxation without representation.   It's The People versus Known Traitors, now.

   (3)   25% of our people and over 50 Million families, homes, cars, children, communities and public and family resources were divided, taken and crushed by The Elite under the massive frauds of Cannabis - Hemp Prohibitions and faux Drug Wars for over 80+ years.

      Most of The Elite wealth of the past century, was as the Honorable George Galloway, M.P. says... in a form of stinging barogue accent (to us) 'was built upon A Pack O' Lies.  A Pack O' Lies told to the American People and World that Your Congress allowed to happen.  Because of You, millions of innocent people have died.  You, Members of Congress are the ones with Blood on your hands...' or something like that ! :)  

   You can find it on YouTube ( search: George Galloway Committee Oil Food ):

      Here's a Full Length Version of the Shaming of the out-of-touch Congressional Committee being 'called out' for allowing a Nazi Bush Family Extremist to wage an illegal war that killed millions of innocent lives, cost trillions during a time of record job loss, home loss and incarcerations in the U.S. 

   Galloway warned us all, and puts these ignorant, corrupt members of Congress, To Shame!  

  Watch Now or use this URL to paste into your favorite YouTube Downloader.: 


      Now, we have all kinds of diverse folks connecting to each other and our elders and folks of all ages are united in San Francisco to make our city much better than ever before and empower our residents to derive maximum use, control, benefit and prosperity from themselves, their collective creative energies and merging today with long time tested principles and wisdom from our elders to make the right future for us all. 
   I wish you all the best in this year's election and every one that follows.  If you all show up, speak up and participate in these shifts back to localized power, then is shall be our common reality for the common good of us all.

Peace and Good Cheer!

J. Leonard 
SF People's Fraud Task Force Blog Moderator

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  1. Truth be told, had it not been for the work of fallen homeless other group activists and the likes of the original SF Coalition of the Homeless (Willie Warren's people), The Coalition on Homlessness SF, Eviction Defense folks, The Chinatown and Mission SRO Collaboratives, Many folks from inside THC and Tenderloin Collaborative, the Dolores Street Community Services, Food Not Bombs, Curry Without Worry, DPH and Shelter Monitoring Committee Members, Unions, Staff, Clients, home-less, veterans groups, occupiers, muni drivers and staff, SF Public Press, SF Weekly, SFBG, KALW, Your Call Radio with Rose Aguilar, Pirate Radio, Our Hippies, artists, Cannabis Growers, Doctors and Patients (GDP-Primary Stakeholders), whistleblowers, freedom fighters and rabblerousers, including anarchists and independent minded individuals from all over the world... none of what's happening here and around the world would ever be taking place or known about.