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¡Venga! Empanadas Staff Denies Public Use of #ParkletSF For 30th #TinyBBQ -Lies, Snitches to Police

¡Venga! Empanadas' Staff Denies Public Use of #ParkletSF For 30th #TinyBBQ -Lies, Snitches to Police


  We're working on our Next Posting about how a new, local 'upscale' restaurant's staff or manager 'Freaked Out' and denied access to the Public #ParkletSF to local advocates who've been doing #TinyBBQ 's for years, all over San Francisco on the sidewalks and in front of residential and business spots, including restaurants (mostly Mom & Pops we love!).

   That's six years of practice with 30+ Mini Street or Park #TinyBBQ events without any hazard or legitimate complaint,  until this past Saturday, June 3, 2017,  made by ¡Venga! Empanadas' Manager or Staff.  

   It was a special BBQ to celebrate our Cook (former rural firefighter) getting a job and being the proud grandfather of a new one year old,  with his daughter and a hand full of friends and Feed The People advocates.   

 Total in group was about five.  

     One of the attendees lives across the street and we found out Thursday, June 8, 2017, that he too, is a former fire fighter.  He used to fight Forest Fires up in the northern California counties. 

   Very safe #TinyBBQ events, indeed. 

   We also learned that folks around San Francisco and in Cleveland, New York and Chicago and Texas are all doing sidewalk BBQ's with no problems, just lots of community building, neighborly fun for all.

   We use a small 18" or 22" Weber 'smokeless' grill on a stable bike cart, in a
fixed position - that has been used at many events and public feedings over the past six years.

   Often with fair and reasonable San Francisco Police and Fire Staff cruising by to check out our BBQ, without violations or problems or hazards to anyone. 

  That's why we don't do open flame and always use 'smoke less' style grills and carry extra water, etc.

  Our grill is actually about half as tall (stubby) as the example shown in the picture.    It's securely mounted on a steel framed bike cart.   Safe & Easy.

    This Story is still being written and witness statements and records, being gathered which will be posted here,  when final and at the San Francisco Peoples' Fraud Task Force Blog, here: 


      We have pictures which show the lack of smoke anywhere near the sidewalk or front doors or windows of the empanada place,  yet the manager or staff guy who started this mess, was yelling and screaming about smoke... and likely lied to 9-1-1 operators and police about same. 

   'Oh, terrible clouds of smoke...'  that did not exist (once the starter fluid gets going after 2 minutes) and could not have gone near them due to constant 25mph winds and the use of the Weber 'smokeless' style mini-BBQ's which have a lid.

  The Story will include how much it cost for reluctant police to respond,  what each of the officers said and did... and our groups' accusations of violations of law and SF Parklet rules and harassment by the Parklet Permit Holders' Staff or Manager and more, coming very soon. 

   Because this Parklet Permit holder appears to have violated several laws and regulations,  their transgressions and other hazardous behavior is being documented and assembled by your local San Francisco Peoples' Fraud Task Force Volunteers, for publication.  

    Other journalists who have covered related 'Parklet' Stories and other independent media have been invited to cover this incident, since it relates to and impacts us all and our rights to safely access any public space for any peaceful or non-hazardous purpose.

     Anyone who denies any of us our rights to our own spaces needs to be held accountable for their transgressions, especially when they lie and misuse police resources to satisfy their own malicious intent or for profit motive interests, that violate all of our rights.

 When the SF Peoples' Fraud Task Force finishes their work, it will be published here in this posting.  

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  1. This story is a classic of when fools rush in. Our SF Police Department is already under staffed and under pressure, with serious crimes to deal with. Anyone who rushes to call police for non-hazardous, minor crap like this... puts the officers and everyone around the area at risk of possible harm or false imprisonment/arrest for no valid cause.

    Pancho Villas, 4 Barrel Coffee, Lil Star Pizza, Taqueria La Cumbre -- all give free food or space to feed hungry locals every day and night. They work with our community, as it is, to promote community, reduce desperation, hunger and violence by knowing and supporting each other. No matter how rich or poor, smart or dumb, superior or inferior anyone appears to be. This is how San Franciscans live, as one family.

    We don't bother police about anything, unless there's a theft, rape, murder or life threatening happening. We don't Snitch about things that bother us or that we personally do not want or like to Police. It's very unwise to put police or our people at risk of harm or waste tax dollars on one's own personal problems or fears that have no basis in law, fact or historical local traditions and customs.

    These mini-BBQ's in the Smokeless Weber mini-kettle grills, have been done in front of all of these places on the sidewalk or adjacent to Parklets, safely, orderly and cleanly for the past six years!

    These BBQ's and the folks who support them Attract all kinds of folks, residents, tourists and poor people.

    We feed the poor for free and point to the doors of the restaurants or cafes to everyone else with cash to spend. The aroma of grilled chicken, carne asada makes people hungry or hungrier.

    When these groups aren't doing BBQ's they are on the streets and on blogs driving more customers and word of mouth referrals to these retail establishments that support our work on the streets and in the parks around our great, tolerant, community and sharing driven city.

    It's real sad because this low income family wanted to celebrate some life altering events with close friends (the cook, we'll call 'George' got a job so he can help take care of his new 1 year old grandson who had to watch this mess).

    That family's celebration was tarnished by such anger, hatred and harassment of the staff at Venga Empanadas and the presence of police for naught.

    If a cop from the 80's had been there, he would have had the courage to stand up for the right of the family to access the parklet, as the law and the Parklet Contract Requires.

    The law was broken that day -- by the Permit Holder's Agents, and technically, by the police for cowtailing to lying law breakers and issuing a bogus ticket.

    We applaud and support their patience with a difficult situation and hold nothing against them, at all.

    Many who witnessed the incident, feel They (the SFPD Officers) were dragged into or tricked into defending the lying law breaker and had no real choice (under pressure) than to 'do something' to just be out of there to attend to real police matters.


  2. 911 Call Center cals have increased +30% over the past few years. Increased Crime or Increased Snitch Calls by newcomers and folks incapable of 'talking' or dealing with things and people they don't personally like or want to be near their homes or businesses. Snitch Calls puts officers and locals at great risk and wastes taxpayers money and people often DIE due to lack of proper response times. Because of Snitch Calling Time Wasters.

  3. Today, we saw #VengaEmpanadas Owner Driving South on Valencia Street, at 16th Street, in the Left Hand Turning Lane. He was 'upset' and honking obnoxiously to PRESSURE car in front of him who was waiting for Crosswalk full of disabled, families and pesestrians. He was OKAY with trying to get that car to drive into the crosswalk full of locals... un-Friggin Believable Bad and Hazardous conduct and behavior while driving on our Over Congested, Gentrified Residential Streets.

    Our Eyewitness Account of this Safety Hazard was Tweeted using:





    When he owned or drove around the larger panel van/SUV he would race South the wrong way up the alley between Mission Hiring Hall and the Bank, right where so many families and disabled and blind folks walk across, never seeing cars coming up the alley the wrong way. He did that almost every day as a short cut we suppose, endangering the lives of the locals around us.

    Very sad to see this kind of behavior, especially from new business owners on Valencia Street which has become so noisy and dangerous, it's a hassle to be safe now. We also saw local limo driver try to run down teenage bikers in the 500 Block of Valencia. Crazy out there now.

    BE SAFE.

    Link to twitter:

    Link to Craigslist Post on Limo Hazard To Teenage Biker Posting: